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Checking out the $1 Slice at Maffei’s Pizza Truck

1 Dollar Pizza Truck

Earlier this summer, I came across a $1 Slice Truck outside Maffei’s on 22nd street. I love me some $1 pizza, so I was psyched to find out that they were planning on parking in midtown with some frequency. (And especially excited after reading about Maffei’s Grandma’s slice in Jason’s Flatiron Lunch review.) It took awhile for my schedule to sync up with the pizza truck (ML twitter tracker stalking, anyone?) but I finally had a chance to check out the goods.

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Maffei’s Pizza Launches $1 Slice Truck

$1 Pizza Truck

Pizza trucks aren’t new to midtown and neither are dollar slice joints, but $1 pizza from a truck? Now that’s something! Last week while running some errands in the Flatiron area I noticed a pizza truck I’d never seen before parked outside of Maffei’s Pizza (on 22nd and 6th Ave)  with a big old $1 slice sign. I have much love for the $1 slice, so I had to get the scoop. Turns out the truck is affiliated with Maffei’s Pizza and they are going to be selling grandma slices for $1. Those who love grandma pizza know that the grandma don’t come cheap- these slices routinely cost more than a regular cheese slice and can go for upwards of $3 in midtown.

According to the guys on the truck they are planning on making regular midtown appearances, potentially “midtown Mondays” and hope to be fully up and running in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can follow them on twitter. By the time I spotted the truck they weren’t serving any more pie, so I’m looking forward to trying out their pizza when they hit midtown proper. They were in the Flatiron yesterday (on B’way and 28th) and the early word on their slices sounds promising. Plus if the grandma slices off the truck are like the ones that Maffei’s sells at their shop, we should be in good shape (provided their fresh out of the oven!) Anyone tried out this new truck yet?