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Rinconcit-Oh No! Rinconcito Mexicano is Shuttered?

A years-long humble hotbed of great tortas and C grades from the DoH (as well as this reviewer’s first official article as an official ML contributor), Rinconcito Mexicano was found shuttered and empty this afternoon. DoH grades for the place haven’t been great lately, but there haven’t been any closings ordered, just violations (including, without any irony, unlicensed shellfish – don’t order the shrimp, gang). No signs, nothing – but you can still get your fix at Ranchito del Agave, or just catty-corner at the awesome and cheap La Montanita cart.

The Bread and Olives Truck Should Probably Be Charging Less Money

In May, we brought news of a new Lebanese truck, Bread & Olives. I’ve walked by the truck plenty of times – usually parked near 47th and Vanderbilt or on 46th street between 5th and 6th – but until now, we haven’t actually taken a look at their food.

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Maharaja Also Forced to Close by New Boutique Hotel?

After calls for information about the recent closing of Oriental Noodle Shop, we learned its neighbor Maharaja (aka Hurry & Tasty Curry) has also closed. One luncher wrote in to say the root of the reason behind the closing is the boutique hotel under construction across the street. The owners of the building believe they can attract more upscale businesses willing to pay higher rent. The usual story; all our favorite restaurants forced to leave due to rent increases. Sigh.

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Tabata Ramen Expands Their Cold Noodle Menu

Now that we’ve finally cleared the horrible heat wave as of late, it’s worth mentioning that Tabata Noodle Restaurant, which is conveniently opening another location one long block away on 8th, not only has cold noodles but has just expanded their menu. Not to be missed is the Tan Tan Hiyashi – their awesome Tan Tan Men (spicy ground pork, sesame broth, scallions, and heaven in a bowl) writ cooled-down. Plus they have curry ramen too (think Go Go Curry in ramen with roast pork – aMAYzing)!

Rock Center Greenmarket Returns Today

Hoda Kotb at the Rock Center Greenmarket
(Brownie spotted Hoda one day, I’m holding out for Jimmy Fallon)

A sure sign of summer is the reopening of the Rockefeller Center Greenmarket (Rockefeller Plaza btn 50+51st) this morning at 8am. The market will run every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8am until 4pm with a rotating roster of Greenmarket regulars, until August 30th. Time to gorge yourself with apple cider doughnuts and whoopie pies all in the name of supporting your local foodshed. Extra bonus points if you spot an NBC celebrity!

Check out the whole daily schedule of vendors after the jump…

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$1 Bluestone Lane Coffee Tomorrow and Thursday: Speaking of coffee, Melbourne inspired Bluestone Lane coffee (in the Meredith Bldg on 3rd btw. 49+50th) is having their grand opening this week, and to celebrate they'll be offering all Midtown Lunchers $1 off any coffee drink on the menu coffee drinks on their menu for just $1 all day Wednesday, July 24th and Thursday, July 25th. Enjoy!

New Food Truck: Monkey Brothers Lab

It seems like new food trucks have been popping up all over midtown these past couple months. Yesterday, on the northwest corner of 51st and Park, I caught sight of an unfamiliar truck, Monkey Brothers Lab. I haven’t had much luck finding a website or any sort of social media page, and they didn’t have a menu up yet when I walked by, but the truck looks to be offering a variety of options – Philly cheese steaks, burgers and fries, tacos and bowls, and empanadas. If anyone was bold enough to check these guys out yesterday, let us know in the comments!

Lucid Cafe’s Iced Coffee Packs a Frosty Jolt

When it comes to coffee, I’m a utilitarian. If all I need is a jolt to sustain me through a long workday, I have no problem choking down a cup of black sludge from the office coffeemaker. But when the summer heat hits, I have to grab an iced coffee on my way to work. For my money, coffee is just better on ice. And at Lucid Cafe (Lex btw. 37th+38th), they’re making it right.

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Vendy Awards Announce a Ton of Nominees!

The Vendy Cup

The 2013 Vendy season is upon us and this morning the finalists for Dessert, (the new category never mind, this is its second year) Market, New Jersey and Rookie were announced. Onto the finalists!

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Get 50% off Eggs-Travaganza: We love it when one of our favorite carts, egg-centric Mexican or not, has a good deal going, but now's your chance to get in on a Vendy fave! Get out of your shell and snag an Eggs-Travaganza Cart Groupon, $10 for $20 worth of food. Sure, you gotta use it all in one visit, but get a friend to go in halfs and gorge yourself on steak 'n egg tacos for breakfast or Campechano tacos for lunch!