Vendy Awards Announce a Ton of Nominees!

The Vendy Cup

The 2013 Vendy season is upon us and this morning the finalists for Dessert, (the new category never mind, this is its second year) Market, New Jersey and Rookie were announced. Onto the finalists!

Itizy Ice Cream Truck

In that newly minted Market category, the nominees are Bon Chovie, Brooklyn Cured, Khao Man Gai NY, Lonestar Taco, and Porchetta. All are known from Smorgasburg, New Amsterdam Market and Hester Street Fair–the two biggest outdoor market scenes we have. The finalists hailing from the fine state of New Jersey include French Quarter, Home By The Range, Hunger Construction, Molly’s Milk, and Mustache Mobile. The category to watch in my mind is Rookie as there is going to be some good eats from these finalists: Mamak, Mystic Masala, Neapolitan Express, Nuchas, Sweet Chili and Toum. Lastly, Dessert is going to be chosen from: Carpe Donut, Cholita Cuencana, Del’s NYC, itizy, Oddfellows, Popitbaby and Liddabit Sweets.

This year’s Vendy Awards will be happening Saturday, September 7th in Sunset Park, Brooklyn’s Industry City. Tickets are still available here. There are some perks for those who buy before midnight on Friday, July 26th. Buyers could become the Citizen Judge, get upgraded to Early Entry VIP (5 winners), or, if you’ve already bought VIP tickets, your order could be doubled (you order 2 and then get 4 tickets.) Good luck to all!


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    Thanks for the mention Blondie & Midtown Lunch.
    Khao Man Gai NY is located at Hester Street Fair, Hester Nights, and the LIC Flea & Food.
    Look forward to sharing our khao man gai with all of New York!

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    I don’t care what Mytick masala’s food tastes like, after reading the back story, i want him to win.

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