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Carpe Donut Seizes the Donut Trend

One day after I’d already eaten, I noticed this truck with a naggingly familiar logo parked on the northwest corner of 51st Street and Park Avenue outside the AT&T store. Midtown Lunch noticed them a little over a year ago, but it doesn’t seem like we covered the donuts… I was curious and figured a little sweet treat to end my lunch would work… See what they have and what I got after the jump.

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Looks Like There’s a New Donut Truck in the Neighborhood

This morning, there was a new donut truck parked on the northwest corner of 51st and Park, Carpe Donut. Their website says they’ve been around since 2007, making donuts from scratch for catered events, local fairs and festivals. Seems respectable enough to me, but do they have what it takes to make it in midtown? The truck’s menu isn’t too extensive; they’ve got apple cider donuts and a few hot beverages. Any early adopters out there? Let us know how the donuts are in the comments!