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Neapolitan Express Rolls Out New Pies

Neapolitan Express, the eco-friendly truck that purports to be selling authentic Neapolitan pizza has finally gotten their footing (not to mention a Vendy nomination). On my last visit, the pies coming out of the compressed natural gas oven were tastier than they ever were before. Now they sent us word that they’ve added some new menu items to spice things up. In addition to three new savory pies like the a Diavolo with cherry peppers and spicy Sopressata and the di Parma with buffalo mozzarella and Prosciutto di Param, they’ve upped their Nutella dessert pizza to include market fruits. Anybody tried these new pies yet?

Neapolitan Express is Getting Better with Time


The first time I checked in with Neapolitan Express, the pizza was undercooked and the dough was gummy. They had just launched a few weeks earlier and some of their staff may not have been trained to properly cook the pizza. The second time was at Choice Streets where the pizza seemed to be improving. I stopped by the truck for my third taste last week with my highest expectations yet.

They were parked on Park Avenue just two blocks north of the glut of food trucks on 47th Street.  Fortunately for me, there was no line here and the pizza was in my hands in a matter of minutes.

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First Look at Neapolitan Express


The new Neapolitan Express truck slowly rolled on to the streets a few weeks ago. Since they’re completely powered by compressed natural gas, they received a rare approval from Mayor Bloomberg. Sure, it’s better for the environment and we can all appreciate that, but Mayor Mike made no statements about the quality of the pizza itself  also seemed to like the pizza.

After testing out the truck at sporadic locations around the city, Neapolitan Express seems to be on their way to a more permanent schedule. I caught them on Friday set up at 53rd and Park. I overheard one of the guys tell somebody that they plan to be in this area for most of their lunch shifts from here on out. The menu lists just three savory personal pie options and a dessert pizza.

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Neapolitan Express Tests Out Midtown

You may have noticed a new pizza truck parked on Park Avenue between 46th and 47th yesterday. This is the new Neapolitan Express truck, which was blessed by Mayor Bloomberg as being the first NYC food truck to run on compressed natural gas (which is not actually true, as the Treats Truck has been running on this since day one). Correction: Neapolitan Express is the first truck to run and operate solely on CNG, including their oven and generator.

They’re be serving organic Neapolitan-style pizza, assorted pastries, and cold sodas. Not sure the Mayor would approve of those beverage choices. Yesterday was a test run and they’ll continue with sporadic spots over the coming weeks, but will have an official launch soon. You can get updates at their Twitter feed. Did anybody get a chance to try the pizza yesterday? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.