Neapolitan Express Tests Out Midtown

You may have noticed a new pizza truck parked on Park Avenue between 46th and 47th yesterday. This is the new Neapolitan Express truck, which was blessed by Mayor Bloomberg as being the first NYC food truck to run on compressed natural gas (which is not actually true, as the Treats Truck has been running on this since day one). Correction: Neapolitan Express is the first truck to run and operate solely on CNG, including their oven and generator.

They’re be serving organic Neapolitan-style pizza, assorted pastries, and cold sodas. Not sure the Mayor would approve of those beverage choices.¬†Yesterday was a test run and they’ll continue with sporadic spots over the coming weeks, but will have an official launch soon. You can get updates at their Twitter feed. Did anybody get a chance to try the pizza yesterday? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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    They’re be servin’, yo.

  • Stopped by and loved it!

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    Just got 3 pies from them. Undercooked terribly. After the cheese and sauce are on the pie it is supposed to go in the oven until cooked…. I think that’s the right way to do it.

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    I stopped by the truck this afternoon with a coworker. There was a minor wait, but the line moved quickly. I was surprised that they take debit/credit cards? They have one of those ipad card swiper attachments.

    I got the margarita pizza. Everything tasted fresh. I’m definitely used to saltier dough/sauce/cheese than this place. The dough was on the softer side, and when I picked up each slice, some of the cheese pieces (in chunks ala margarita) slipped off.

    If you like super crispy pizza, this is not your place. Also, they do not have garlic powder to sprinkle on top – one person waiting in front of me asked for it and got denied.

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