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Maharaja Also Forced to Close by New Boutique Hotel?

After calls for information about the recent closing of Oriental Noodle Shop, we learned its neighbor Maharaja (aka Hurry & Tasty Curry) has also closed. One luncher wrote in to say the root of the reason behind the closing is the boutique hotel under construction across the street. The owners of the building believe they can attract more upscale businesses willing to pay higher rent. The usual story; all our favorite restaurants forced to leave due to rent increases. Sigh.

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Oriental Noodle Shop Closed for Good

Sad news in the Midtown Lunch world; it looks like Oriental Noodle Shop (45th btw. Lex and 3rd) has closed for good. A Luncher contacted us this week letting us know that the storefront had a “for rent” sign up. No longer will we be able enjoy the buns or whole lobster; no longer will we be able to stage a wonton battle between Oriental Noodle Shop and Hop Won. We could surface no clues either from their website or DOH (it’s last rating was an A). Perhaps the politically correct police had something to do with it? If anyone knows the story behind the closing, please let us know in the comments.

Oriental Noodle Shop Redeems Itself with an Oxtail Special

Oriental Noodle Shop Last time when I was at Oriental Noodle Shop waiting for my order of wonton noodle soup (which turned out to be quite horrible), I noticed a sign by the door displaying their lunch specials. At the very bottom of the board it said “oxtail with rice or noodles for $8.95.” After eating their wonton noodle soup I really had low low low expectations but I can’t say no to oxtail!

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Wonton Battle: Hop Won vs. Oriental Noodle Shop

Hop WonA couple of nights ago, I was treated to a homemade wonton dinner that my friend did. She invited few people over and served a couple of variations on wontons (pork and fish). Lucky for us, she did most of the work so all I had to do was arrive, sit down and eat. Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming about good wontons. I know the stuff they serve in restaurants will rarely be as good as the ones my friend made. So I wasn’t hoping for much when I got a wonton noodle soup at Hop Won (45th btw Lex+3rd).

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Oriental Noodle Shop Offers Whole Lobster

Whole lobster

With lobster rolls all the rage these days, it shouldn’t surprise anybody to see Chinese food restaurants get it on the action. Oriental Noodle Shop (45th btw 3rd+Lex) is now offering a WHOLE lobster plus pork fried rice (not sure what the “any style” means) for just $13.95. It is still over the Midtown Lunch price limit but considering you get a whole lobster for few bucks less than the super popular lobster rolls, why not?! Admittedly I am a equal parts terrified and intrigued by this lobster deal. Has anybody tried it?

If You Like Buns, Check Out Oriental Noodle Shop

Oriental Noodle Shop The other day while sitting in the office typing away, I had a sudden craving for Chinese food. Now I just recently started a new job so I’m not too familiar with the area but I did know that Hop Won was just a few blocks away (on 45th btw. Lex+3rd). And since Hop Won is the sister restaurant of Hing Won (which I’ve been to and liked a lot), I knew I could get a quality lunch.  Though once I got there I couldn’t help but be drawn into Oriental Noodle Shop (yes the one with the guy eating a bowl of noodles while wearing a straw hat).

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