Oriental Noodle Shop Redeems Itself with an Oxtail Special

Oriental Noodle Shop Last time when I was at Oriental Noodle Shop waiting for my order of wonton noodle soup (which turned out to be quite horrible), I noticed a sign by the door displaying their lunch specials. At the very bottom of the board it said “oxtail with rice or noodles for $8.95.” After eating their wonton noodle soup I really had low low low expectations but I can’t say no to oxtail!


If you ever had beef stew over rice from Chinese restaurants, then you know how this is going to taste. Stewed in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, rice wine and star anise, this was really good. Oriental Noodle Shop totally redeemed itself with this lunch special. I got a total of 5 pieces of oxtails (2 large and 3 small pieces), all were cooked to falling off the bone deliciousness.


The oxtail over rice or noodles is only available on Wednesdays and Fridays as a lunch special. Maybe the lunch specials at Oriental Noodle Shop is the way to go. Though I’m still equally terrified and intrigued about the whole lobster special for $13.95.

Oriental Noodle Shop, 135 E 45th St btw. 3rd & Lex (212) 697-2353


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    Not sure if I am ready for oxtail yet, but am very curious about the lobster. Has anyone tried? Do you need to sit there with a bib and crack away of do they do some of the heavy lifting for you?

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      No bib needed. the lobster special just means that it’s a whole lobster, dissected and cooked in their special sauce. Everything should be all chopped up, but you still need to pry the meat a bit out of the shells.

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    @ JJSCATS. I think Donny T works really close to me, cause I commented on his Hunan Manor and Desi Shack story.

    Anyway, I’ve had the lobster. It’s lobster in 1 of 6 sauces + pork fried rice. ~14 bucks?

    I ended up getting the ginger scallion (I think) cause it was the only one that looked remotely spicy.

    - the lobster – cooked well enough, but after the sauce is poured over it, it becomes unmanageable in terms of getting out the meat. The lobster wrench/pliers/cracker thingy can’t grip the shell, so I left on a lot of succulent meat on the plate.

    If you’re shooting for a lobster fix, I’d actually get a lobster roll even though it’s more expensive and you get less meat.

    Both lobster trucks hit our area at least once a week, usually on 47th btwn park and lex.

    - pork fried rice – clearly they aren’t using Berkshire or some kinda heritage pig, but it’s PFR, can’t go wrong with PFR.

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