There’s a Bread & Olives Truck (Not to Be Confused with Bread & Olive)

With the temperatures rising, it seems like new food trucks are rolling out by the minute! ¬†Spotted on the corner of 47th and Park today was a new Lebanese truck, Bread & Olives, not to be confused with the former restaurant, Bread & Olive, which used to occupy 24 West 45th, and was replaced by Karam Restaurant, and now by Xi’an Famous Foods. A quick glance at the menu shows salads, hot & cold sandwiches, and lebanese platters. There also appears to be a breakfast menu.

CBS Local and New York Street Food seemed to have lukewarm reviews on the new truck. Any early adopters out there? Let us know what you think.

Bread & Olives Truck, 47th and Park (currently no FB or Twitter)


  • I had this last week. I had the mixed grill platter. It was pretty skimpy. Actually very skimpy—bordering on ripoff for like 13 bucks wiht pita. But I actually enjoyed the taste. The kafta, chicken and lamb cubes were all good. It’s not worth the money, but it is ok food.

  • They are also on park between 32nd and 33rd today–if anyone is looking for them.

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