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Rinconcit-Oh No! Rinconcito Mexicano is Shuttered?

A years-long humble hotbed of great tortas and C grades from the DoH (as well as this reviewer’s first official article as an official ML contributor), Rinconcito Mexicano was found shuttered and empty this afternoon. DoH grades for the place haven’t been great lately, but there haven’t been any closings ordered, just violations (including, without any irony, unlicensed shellfish – don’t order the shrimp, gang). No signs, nothing – but you can still get your fix at Ranchito del Agave, or just catty-corner at the awesome and cheap La Montanita cart.

Ignore the C, and Embrace Rinconcito Mexicano

Photo courtesy of Food in Mouth

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the DoH grading system, I will fear no C grade – for I am the baddest mother***er in Midtown’s lunch desert.”

Just keep thinking that. Yes, there’s a very big and very present C grade on the DoH’s website for Rinconcito Mexicano, formerly Las Poblanitas, but after readin a review from Food In Mouth I felt like it merited a visit. If you have the gumption to frame the C grade, and the confirmed roaches, in the framework of a hidden gem from a pre-Giulianified Manhattan, you’re gonna find something better than good – you’re gonna find authentic.

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