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Revisiting Koki & Vegi For Spicy Chicken From A Revamped Menu

Korean food kiosk Koki & Vegi has been going strong for a couple of years, serving office workers and tourists alike at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Apparently we haven’t visited Koki & Vegi since 2011, so I walked over on a nice day to see if they’d made any changes to the menu. It turns out they have – adding fruit juices and smoothies along with teriyaki chicken and a hot dog that appears to be topped with bulgogi.

Since I’d previously focused on the beefy items, I went for the spicy chicken on this visit and it did not disappoint.

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Atomic Wings Provides You With Saucy Poultry Without Stepping In A Sports Bar

Did you eat your weight in chicken wings during the Super Bowl last weekend and have a craving for more? That may just be me, but if you don’t want to have to go into a bar like Mudville 9 to get your fix, you could head to the location of the Atomic Wings chain near City Hall which is a subterranean source of sauced chicken on Broadway (btw. Duane & Thomas). When I saw it listed in one of those “best wings of NYC” lists, I figured it was worth a visit. Read more »

City Hall Park Will Now Smell Like Belgian Waffles 12 Hours Per Day

waffles cart
Yesterday the new Wafels & Dinges cart made its first appearance in City Hall Park, and ML contributor Brian spotted it at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, taking advantage of all those tourists and hungry employees from 1 Centre St. The cart will be there wafting its delicious smells from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, so now you can get a taco across the street at Nixtamalito and supplement it with a waffle with spekuloos. Or put the taco meat on top of a waffle? The possibilities are endless.

Checking In With Nixtamalito Nets Tamales, La Newyorkina Cart

It’s been nearly a year since we checked in with the Nixtamalito kiosk over by 1 Centre St. at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, but I was happy I did the other day. I was there to finally check out the tamales which have eluded me every other time I’ve been there. The menu for the kiosk has stayed the same, but I’m happy to report there’s now a cart next to it selling paletas from La NewYorkina! The details on that and the word on the tamales (spoiler: they’re really good) after the jump.

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Bargain Pressed Sandwiches & Curly Fries At Snac’Meal Kiosk

This winter hasn’t really been a nasty one, and so it is that at the beginning of March when it’s 60 degrees out, I think nothing of heading to an outdoor kiosk for lunch. Snac’Meal is next to Centre Melts on the northeast side of the 1 Centre St. building and has a hodgepodge of a menu for both breakfast and lunch that includes sandwiches, soup, falafel, shish kebab, pita pizza and curly fries. It was the “Spanish torta” sandwich that caught my attention, partly for the lunchtime price of $3.95 ($3.50 before 11 a.m.) and the fact that you could pair it with curly fries for an extra $1.50.

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Tribeca Potbelly Looks To Be Opening This Week

I know there are many of you who love Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and I have some good news for you. After an “oven warming” on Monday and Tuesday, according to the sandwich chain’s Twitter feed, that would logically mean the store at 280 Broadway (btw. Chambers & Reade) will be opening later this week. I’ll keep you posted when that day/time is posted. That means you can get A Wreck with some of those delicious pickled peppers without heading down to the Financial District.

Battle Of The $1 Pizza Slices: Roll And Go Vs. Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza

I’m not quite sure why the stretch of Broadway bordering Tribeca is getting all of the $1 slice love, but those of us working elsewhere downtown are jealous. Roll and Go opened a location at Broadway & Franklin trafficking in pizza, gyro and breakfast sandwiches and last week Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza opened a block up the street at Broadway & White selling only slices and the odd Jamaican patty. I decided that cheap pizza was just what I needed for lunch and staged an impromptu matchup between the two places. One of them came out the clear winner, but you’ll have to click through to see what $2 worth of pizza looks and tastes like.

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