Bargain Pressed Sandwiches & Curly Fries At Snac’Meal Kiosk

This winter hasn’t really been a nasty one, and so it is that at the beginning of March when it’s 60 degrees out, I think nothing of heading to an outdoor kiosk for lunch. Snac’Meal is next to Centre Melts on the northeast side of the 1 Centre St. building and has a hodgepodge of a menu for both breakfast and lunch that includes sandwiches, soup, falafel, shish kebab, pita pizza and curly fries. It was the “Spanish torta” sandwich that caught my attention, partly for the lunchtime price of $3.95 ($3.50 before 11 a.m.) and the fact that you could pair it with curly fries for an extra $1.50.

They basically let you design your own sandwich, picking vegetables, cheese and meat from the list of what they have on a given day. It’s best to ask the woman taking your order because it seems they don’t always have everything listed. I went with gruyere cheese, roasted red peppers and jalapeno. Then I waited a few minutes for my cheesy, carb-filled lunch that cost a little less than $6.

The sandwich was petite, but really not that much smaller than what I’ve gotten from some of the fancy grilled cheese trucks for nearly twice the price. It was nicely pressed and melty into a thin square with a fair amount of chopped red pepper and pickled jalapeno. I would probably go for a different combo of fillings if I had it to do over¬†again, but I wasn’t really in a decision making mood when I stopped for lunch.¬†There wasn’t a ton of cheese in here but I’m sure you could pay more to get more. Either way, it was a tasty sandwich for less than $4.

The curly fries were both freshly-fried and plentiful, really all you can ask for the bargain price I paid.

I noticed that Centre Melts has pommes frites now, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get a sandwich and fries for less than $6 there. If you’re in the mood for a toasted cheese sandwich and aren’t picky about ingredients, Snac’Meal can make that happen for a good price.

Snac’Meal Kiosk, north side of 1 Centre St. building


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