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Downtown Links (The “Vegetable-Heavy” Edition)

One of the few salads we endorse. Via FitR.
  • Musings on eating a slice of pizza. [Gothamist]
  • Veg-centric Sun In Bloom gets opening date. [TC]
  • Mooncake Foods gets a healthy shout-out. [FitR]
  • Kam Hing diversifies its sponge cake. [SENY]

Nixtamalito’s Chicken Verdes Brings The Heat

Winter weather doesn’t exactly lend itself to standing outside near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge ordering Mexican food. That being said, Nixtamalito on the south side of 1 Centre St. is still going strong in this winter weather (and you can order online if you don’t want to venture out) and I had the craving for something meaty and saucy. While the mole was just fine, the enchiladas verdes surprised me with how delicious and spicy they were. This is just the dish to warm you up in single-digit temperatures.  Read more »

Not In The Mood For A Sandwich? Try Potbelly’s Delicious Chili

In case you haven’t noticed, an annoying thing called the Polar Vortex has made walking outside to grab lunch an exercise in quickness and finding something warm to eat. The other day a craving for chili hit, and there aren’t too many places that regularly carry this specific dish. Then it dawned on me that Potbelly, of which there are four locations downtown, had chili on its menu every day and I had never tried it. While I may not flip my lid for their sandwiches, the chili is delicious.

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Lisa’s Pizzeria Closes After More Than 40 Years In Business

We got news this weekend that Lisa’s Pizza on Fulton St. has shuttered. The reason? The old “the landlord has raised the rent.” According to Lunch’er Seaweed, there were auction signs in the window on Sunday, only a couple of weeks after I finally got around to checking out their slices. You’ll have to walk a couple more blocks for your slice fix from now on if this was your go-to.

Assessing The Fancy Soft Shell Shrimp Banh Mi At Khe-Yo

I know that paying more than, say, $7 for a banh mi is painful. I also know that I do not regret the amount of money I spent on the soft shell shrimp banh mi at Khe-Yo on Duane St. (near W. Broadway), and you probably won’t either. Read more »

Downtown Links (The “Mudville 9′s Having A Baby” Edition)

Go Go Curry’s stewy/saucy perfection. Via SENY.
  • There’s a new Vietnamese place you should know about. [Eater]
  • An ode to saucy dishes with rice. [SENY]
  • A sister to Mudville 9 is coming. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Bucatini at Sole di Capri gets a rave. [FitR]

Jersey Mike’s Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich Makes A Worthy Lunch

I hadn’t visited Jersey Mike’s Subs since they opened their first New York City location on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Pearl) last July. That initial visit showed they did a good job with sub sandwiches at a cheaper price than nearby Dave’s Hoagies. An overlooked part of the menu is the breakfast sandwiches, which are available all day and are cheap. One of the items on that menu involves Trenton pork roll, eggs and cheese and it is worth your stomach space.  Read more »