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Luke’s Lobster Truck Has Moved to New Jersey

We saw a tweet last week from Luke’s Lobster truck saying that they will be leaving New York for good and heading to greener pastures in… New Jersey.

The company will be opening a brick-and-mortar location in Hoboken and then keeping their truck close by. Their website does not give details as to why they’ve given up on the city, but I can only imagine it has something to do with the difficult permitting situation and the heavy regulations for food trucks. After Cinnamon Snail’s untimely departure, this is the second Vendy Award-winning truck to close in the last few months

Thursday was the truck’s last day, but you can still get their seafood rolls at their Midtown East, City Kitchen, and Plaza Food Court locations.

The Biggest Luke’s Lobster Yet Opens Today in Midtown East


We told you back in April that Luke’s Lobster would be opening a permanent storefront in Midtown East someday soon. Well, that day is today! I got to attend a sneak preview last night and I was amazed at the vastness of the space. If anybody’s been to any of their other locations around the city (or to the truck), you know it’s difficult to order a lobster roll without taking it “to go”. Here, there’s plenty of room to deal with crowds, sit down if you have the time, and most importantly, enjoy the best lobster roll in the city.

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Luke’s Lobster First Offical Midtown Location Will Open This Summer

Way before Nauti the truck pulled up to Midtown, there have been Luke’s Lobster storefronts all around the city. But aside from a stall in the Plaza Food Court, we’ve had to rely on the truck to bring us the sweet stuff from Maine. Thankfully, for those that work in Midtown east, you can make your splurgeworthy lobster roll addiction an every day thing. Luke’s will be opening a legit brick and mortar spot on 43rd between 2nd and 3rd this summer. Beer and wine will be served (which means Happy Hour specials) and there will be outdoor seating in a park outside. The opening is planned for June.

Luke’s Celebrating Winter w/ Lobster Mac N Cheese

To celebrate the first snow fall of the year, Luke’s Lobster rolled out their winter menu yesterday.  The lobster grilled cheese they started serving last year is back, and they’ve added a lobster mac n cheese made with Pineland Farms cheese. Hot apple cider is back as well.  The truck is in the shop today but they should be in the Flatiron tomorrow and back in Midtown on Friday near Grand Central.  Check their twitter account before heading out.

Luke’s Lobster Selling $10 Lobster Rolls in Midtown This Thursday and Friday

Lobster fans, get ready. Luke’s Lobster will be selling their lobster rolls in Midtown for $10 (usually $15) on Thursday and Friday!!! On Thursday, they will be at their usual spot on 57th and Broadway, and on Friday they will be parked at 47th and Madison Avenue. According to Gothamist, the lobster for the discounted lobster rolls was a donation from the Maine Lobster Council, and as a result, all proceeds from the discounted lobster rolls this Thursday and Friday will benefit the Mayor’s Fund Sandy Relief Efforts. Do your part and eat some lobsta!

Luke’s Lobster Truck, Thursday: 57th and Broadway, Friday: 47th and Madison

Luke’s Lobster Returns: Lobster lovers might have noticed that Luke's Lobster (aka Nauti) has been off the streets for some time now. Well, they've sorted out their permitting issues and the truck will be back on the road today at lunch and the plan is to park at 47th and Madison. Bring your cash, they won't be able to do cards until later in the week. And as always, check before you head out either on the Twitter Tracker or @NautiMobile.

Luke’s Lobster, Please Bring Your Lobster Grilled Cheese To Midtown!

Luke’s Lobster Truck is on hiatus until the spring, which means in order to get your Luke’s fix, you have to visit their brick and mortar locations… which are, unfortunately, not in Midtown. While at their Upper East Side location the other day (which is on 81st and 2nd for those of you who occasionally do a subway lunch), I decided to forgo my usual shrimp roll for the lobster grilled cheese sandwich ($12). Large pieces of lobster sandwiched between Gruyere cheese and perfectly toasted white bread sets a very high standard for grilled cheese. Add a couple of drops of sriracha per bite, and you’ve got some next level stuff. As much as I hate to spend more than $10 for lunch, Luke’s Lobster, when you return to the streets in the spring, PLEASE bring the lobster grilled cheese with you!

Last Chance for Luke’s Lobster Truck Until May

Today is the last day Luke’s Lobster Truck will be on the street until May (they’re taking a little vacation), so if you want to get in on that lobster roll action they’ll be parked on 57th & 8th. Also on the ML Twitter Tracker, Bian Dang is on 53rd btw. Park+Lex, Gorilla Cheese is on 55th & 6th, Valducci’s is on 52nd & Park, Uncle Gussy’s has pastitsio and baklava, Seoul Food is on 51st & Park, Crisp on Wheels is on 50th btw. 6+7th, Big D’s Grub Truck is on 49th btw. 6+7th, Wafels and Dinges is on 46th btw. 5+6th, and we just heard that El Rey del Sabor is serving a guisado verde with pork at all of their carts.

Luke’s Lobster Truck is Awesome (As Much as It Pains Us to Pay Over $10 For Truck Food)

As I waited in line at Luke’s Lobster Truck Monday on 52nd and Lexington, I heard constant chatter of people walking by saying things like, “Luke’s Lobster has a truck here??” “Oh, I love this place!” ”I wish I hadn’t already gotten my lunch!” Excitement was in the air and not just from those of us who decided to brave the line on Luke’s first day out.

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At Lunch Now: If You’re Not On Line For Luke’s Lobster Right Now You’re SOL

In what should be a surprise to nobody, Luke’s Lobster Truck is a popular lunch choice today.  At 12:30pm, the line was already wrapped around 52nd Street and Lexington and not really moving too fast (it took me about 25 minutes to get to the front). Although once I ordered it was pretty quick.

The menu is limited to lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. Half a lobster roll (which I know from other Luke’s experiences is not enough food) and the other full rolls meet ML prices of $8. But a full roll is $16. Check it out after the jump…

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