Luke’s Lobster, Please Bring Your Lobster Grilled Cheese To Midtown!

Luke’s Lobster Truck is on hiatus until the spring, which means in order to get your Luke’s fix, you have to visit their brick and mortar locations… which are, unfortunately, not in Midtown. While at their Upper East Side location the other day (which is on 81st and 2nd for those of you who occasionally do a subway lunch), I decided to forgo my usual shrimp roll for the lobster grilled cheese sandwich ($12). Large pieces of lobster sandwiched between Gruyere cheese and perfectly toasted white bread sets a very high standard for grilled cheese. Add a couple of drops of sriracha per bite, and you’ve got some next level stuff. As much as I hate to spend more than $10 for lunch, Luke’s Lobster, when you return to the streets in the spring, PLEASE bring the lobster grilled cheese with you!


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    Sounds awesome. Used to live a couple blocks from the UES location and miss the proximity. Can you compare the amount of lobster you get in this vs what comes in the lobster roll?

  • Are we not considering the Luke’s Lobster in the Plaza Basement Food Court as Midtown anymore? I’ll be sure to let No. 7 Sub and the other awesomeness down there know.

    • (Granted. I don’t know if all locations have the same menu, so they may not have the sandwich…but its still midtown in my book)

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