Luke’s Lobster Truck Has Moved to New Jersey

We saw a tweet last week from Luke’s Lobster truck saying that they will be leaving New York for good and heading to greener pastures in… New Jersey.

The company will be opening a brick-and-mortar location in Hoboken and then keeping their truck close by. Their website does not give details as to why they’ve given up on the city, but I can only imagine it has something to do with the difficult permitting situation and the heavy regulations for food trucks. After Cinnamon Snail’s untimely departure, this is the second Vendy Award-winning truck to close in the last few months

Thursday was the truck’s last day, but you can still get their seafood rolls at their Midtown East, City Kitchen, and Plaza Food Court locations.


  • I don’t know how many people want to pay $14 for a skinny little lobster roll. I know lobster is expensive, and this applies to all of the lobster roll places. But you pay between $13-$15 for something that can be arguably be considered a snack.

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