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Your First Look at the New Plaza Food Hall

When Todd English opened a food court inside the former Plaza Hotel two years ago, our interest was piqued but the fancy setting and high end food proved to be a lunch that had to be splurged on. Last week, we learned that more kiosks would be opening and some were actually from ML favorites. I was hoping I’d be able to leave with an affordable and delicious lunch. I admit that it was possible, but the pickings were slim indeed.

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Is Plaza Food Hall Now A Real Midtown Lunch?

Flo Fab announced earlier this week that Todd English’s Plaza Food Hall would be expanding and opening with almost 20 new kiosks that could potentially be within our budget. In my opinion, the biggest and most exciting inclusions are No. 7 Sub Shop (which is a bit of a trek for those that work in upper Midtown), Luke’s Lobster (who will be offering exclusive peanut butter and blueberry whoopie pies), and Sushi of Gari (which probably still won’t be a ML). Based on the NYTimes slideshow of some fancy looking dishes and Luncher Harry’s hightemp’s first impressions, it still remains to be seen how many true $10 or under offerings will be available. But we’ll be checking it out soon enough. Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Katie Holmes Has Midtown Cupcakes Shipped to Canada: I guess we do have great cupcakes after all? Apparently Todd English's 16 year old daughter has a line of cupcakes called Isabelle's Curly Cakes- sold exclusively at his Food Hall in the Plaza (on 59th and 5th.)  And they're so good that Katie Holmes had a box of them shipped to Canada where she is working. [People via Eater]

More on the Plaza Food Hall: We still haven't decided if Todd English's Plaza Food Hall is worthy of being called a Midtown Lunch, but if you're super curious Eater has a round up of early impressions.

Plaza Food Hall Opening Tomorrow

Todd English’s new “Food Hall” in the Plaza Hotel is set to open tomorrow on 59th Street and 5th Ave.  We love food courts, but last week Eater got a sneak preview of the menu and with a few exceptions it’s looking like this will definitely be a splurge lunch.

Plaza Food Hall Opening June 4th: Todd English's food court inside the Plaza Hotel is scheduled to open on Friday June 4th, and Diner's Journal has a ton of new info about what's going to be inside it. The only thing the Plaza is being cagey about are the prices, and you know what that means... it'll probably be outside the Midtown Lunch price range. Oh well.

Fancy Viennese Bakery Demel Shutters

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan

According to the Real Deal, the only US outpost of Demel has served its last sachertorte in The Plaza’s underground retail concourse. Pastry aficionados (like my Austrian born great aunt) will be disappointed, but for most MLers it was a bit too pricey and kind of out of the way. Todd English is still supposed to open a European-style “Food Hall” in the concourse this spring, but the Plaza’s Palm Court is cutting their high tea price by $20. Could this all be a sign that the new food court might (or should) have decent ML friendly options? I’m going with probably not, but one can hope.

The Plaza Food Court: We still don't know if the Todd English designed food court in the Plaza hotel is going to have any Midtown Lunch'ish options, but if you're curious what it's going to look like, Grub Street has artist renderings of the space.

Bella Napoli Adds New (?) Lunch Specials


I fully admit how wrong it is that I’ve never given Bella Napoli (on 49th btw. 6+7th) a proper Midtown Lunch +/-. I think I’m unfairly prejudiced against it because I used to work in the McGraw Hill Building, and it was a go-to spot for so many of my lazy co-workers. But truthfully, if it was anywhere else I would have entered it into the ML canon long ago. I’ve always liked their cheese pizza, and the one meatball parm hero I had there (almost 4 years ago) put me out of commission for the rest of the work day (always a good thing right?) And when I walked by today I noticed a new sandwich board with “specials”. Not sure if these are actually “new” but $6 for any pasta dish!? Looks like I might have to hit this place up again. Has anybody tried any of their specials?

Bella Napoli, 150 W. 49th St. (btw. 6+7th) 212-719-2819

Todd English to Open Plaza Food Court

FloFab has more about the “Food Court” coming to the Plaza Hotel (on 58th & 5th): Chef Todd English is creating the “European Style Food Hall” which will include “stations for wood-grilled pizzas and flatbreads, burgers and rotisserie foods, seafood and sushi, Asian-style noodles and soups, a wine bar with cheeses and charcuterie, and a coffee and espresso bar with pastry.” Odds that anything will be under $10? I’m still going with zero.