Is Plaza Food Hall Now A Real Midtown Lunch?

Flo Fab announced earlier this week that Todd English’s Plaza Food Hall would be expanding and opening with almost 20 new kiosks that could potentially be within our budget. In my opinion, the biggest and most exciting inclusions are No. 7 Sub Shop (which is a bit of a trek for those that work in upper Midtown), Luke’s Lobster (who will be offering exclusive peanut butter and blueberry whoopie pies), and Sushi of Gari (which probably still won’t be a ML). Based on the NYTimes slideshow of some fancy looking dishes and Luncher Harry’s hightemp’s first impressions, it still remains to be seen how many true $10 or under offerings will be available. But we’ll be checking it out soon enough. Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.


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