Luke’s Lobster Selling $10 Lobster Rolls in Midtown This Thursday and Friday

Lobster fans, get ready. Luke’s Lobster will be selling their lobster rolls in Midtown for $10 (usually $15) on Thursday and Friday!!! On Thursday, they will be at their usual spot on 57th and Broadway, and on Friday they will be parked at 47th and Madison Avenue. According to Gothamist, the lobster for the discounted lobster rolls was a donation from the Maine Lobster Council, and as a result, all proceeds from the discounted lobster rolls this Thursday and Friday will benefit the Mayor’s Fund Sandy Relief Efforts. Do your part and eat some lobsta!

Luke’s Lobster Truck, Thursday: 57th and Broadway, Friday: 47th and Madison


  • Is anyone else not seeing any updates in twitter tracker, or is it just me?

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      I’m not seeing updates and it’s really irritating me.

      • It broke, obviously, and no one has had an opportunity to research the problem, let alone fix it. Kind of like a solution to the Forums problem.

      • The good news is, when we relaunch the forums we’ll also be introducing some exciting improvements to Midtown Lunch as a whole… so you have that look forward to. We’ve always been super proud of the community that we’ve built here at Midtown Lunch and are committed to having a place for you guys to exchange tips, organize meet ups and just mess around. Rest assured we are working hard to fix the issue, and hope to have the forums back up and running (in addition to a lot of other exciting new changes) in no time.

        Zach Brooks 10/1/2012

      • Hey, give him a break! It hasn’t even been a year since the forums went south.

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    What time do they usually start serving, aka what time should we line up?

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