At Lunch Now: If You’re Not On Line For Luke’s Lobster Right Now You’re SOL

In what should be a surprise to nobody, Luke’s Lobster Truck is a popular lunch choice today.  At 12:30pm, the line was already wrapped around 52nd Street and Lexington and not really moving too fast (it took me about 25 minutes to get to the front). Although once I ordered it was pretty quick.

The menu is limited to lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. Half a lobster roll (which I know from other Luke’s experiences is not enough food) and the other full rolls meet ML prices of $8. But a full roll is $16. Check it out after the jump…

The guy told me they have about 40 rolls left so he was going to count the line.  My guess if you’re not here yet, you’ll probably have to wait until next time- which may be tomorrow. But they said they’d go where they can get a spot, so check twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker tomorrow.

And they’re out of crab rolls.


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    They were selling everything on that menu a dollar cheaper yesterday at the Hell Kitchen Flea market. Smart business with the demand.

  • I could probably get to the UES location, eat and be back to my desk in less time than standing on that line. Still.. love me some Luke’s.

  • I am hitting this up as soon as possible…

  • what does the truck look like?

  • I was ordering just as that picture was taken. I tried the lobster roll and the crab roll.. for science. I actually prefer crab to lobster in general, and they were both good, but the lobster roll certainly was the star. Perfectly cooked, buttery, great seasoning, and exactly no filler at all. They opened a bit late (they were being interviewed by NBC or something), but once things got moving, they were quite speedy. (It ought to be, to just arrange stuff on a roll) Definitely worth it as an occasional treat.


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    The crab rolls are far better to their lobster roll, which still isn’t saying much at that price. I mean, the half size is an appetizer.

    I’m puzzled why Luke’s hasn’t saturated their own market yet.

  • $16 for a sandwich… It better be one of the best sandwiches around…

    I like lobster but that is a pricey lunch in my book. Anyone going to write this one up for ML?

    • that’s actually cheap for a lobster roll. Considering they use 100% claw meat and no mayo or filler, it’s a bargain.

      • Cheap? Bargain? Okay, then you can eat it on behalf of ML and tell us about the values of that lob roll. :)

        I meant the lunch itself is pricey because it is only a sandwich after all, nothing else, and not like a real MLer will be filled after one. :P

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    Luke’s is awesome. The lobster roll is a bargain considering you’d have to hop a plane to Maine to get something comparable. Hats off to Luke’s for bringing such an authentic treat to NYC.

  • I still prefer Red Hook Lobster Pound if I have to spend this much for a sandwich… Luke’s downtown didn’t overwhelm me…

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