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“Flavors” To Take Over Former ABP Space Beneath the Fox News Building


The former Au Bon Pain space in the outdoor passageway underneath the Fox News Building, which has been empty since May of 2007 is finally getting a tenant. Flavors (yes, that is what the place is called) looks set to open any day now, and a quick looksee reveals that it is going to be another generic Midtown deli.  Need proof?  Let’s put the verbiage on their sign, through our Midtown Lunch calculator/translator combo:

Flavors is (Fresh + Healthy + Natural) + (Organic + Local)

And through the machine it goes………. ding!  Let’s see what we’ve got…

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Cooling Off With Tropical Shakes from Margon

Inspired by Profiled Lunch’er “Lou” and his love of morir sonando (the Dominican orange creamsicle drink) I headed over to Margon (on 46th btw. 6+7th) yesterday to sample their menu of tropical shakes.  I’m not a huge fan of orange, so I perused their list for inspiration which included passion fruit, banana, papaya, tamarind, wheat (whatever the hell that is), and guanabana, which was recommended by Profiled Midtown Lunch’er “Matt”.  But the one that stuck out for me was “mamey” a melon described on the menu as tasting like “pumpkin, chocolate, and almond, or a mixture of sweet potato, avocado, and honey.” How could I not?

Thick and creamy, it tasted exactly as described.  They make them to order in a blender next to the sandwich counter in the front, so I’m guessing it may take awhile during lunchtime crush.  If you don’t want to deal with the madness, do what I did: make it your late afternoon snack.  At $3.75 it’s not cheap, but it’s pretty refreshing, borderlines as a dessert, and is certainly preferable to the new (crap) smoothies at Starbucks.

Is Oceana Moving to 1221 Ave of the Americas?

The rumors about the clothing store Strawberry on 49th St. btw. 6+7th closing have turned out to be true, as evidenced by their gigantic closing sale signs.  They will be moving to a new location on Broadway and 54th at the end of August, clearing the way for a “high end” “high profile” seafood restaurant, according to some of the talk going around the building.  This information was made all the more interesting by this, which was printed in the NY Sun today:

Oceana (on 54th St. btw Park+Mad), is moving closer to the heart of Midtown after its lease expires in July of next year. The new space, whose location has not yet been disclosed, will be larger, with 200 seats and room for private dining.

Interesting… that sounds about right. If Oceana does take over the space, then this really has nothing to do with Midtown Lunch, but there is still the business of the former Duane Reade space which is empty on the opposite side of the building. Mini-Sizzler anybody?

Wall Street Journal… Welcome to Midtown. Need lunch?


So the news broke on Weds, and was confirmed yesterday that Rupert Murdoch plans on moving the Wall St. Journal from their Downtown offices to the News Corp. building on 6th Ave. & 48th St., smack dab in the middle of Midtown.  Well, let me be the first to say welcome!  We’re actually neighbors (I work in the McGraw Hill Building across the street), and there are plenty of great lunch options within walking distance of our block.

According to the NY Observer, you guys are leaving behind PJ Clarke’s.  Well don’t you worry, the original one is here in Midtown- although 3rd Ave. is a pretty long walk away. 

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At Lunch Now: Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck Opens its 6th Ave. Location!!!

The new Jiannetto’s Piza Truck is parked on 48th btw 6+7th. There are “No Parking” signs everywhere, so I’m not sure how long he’s going to last at that location… but as of right now, Midtown West has got it’s very own pizza truck! He claims they will be at that spot for good, but we’ll see. If it moves, i’ll let you know…

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Free CHIPOTLE is the only good CHIPOTLE

It’s funny.  This will be my fourth post about Chipotle since Friday… and I’m embarassed.  Not just for my blog- but for Midtown too.  Why is everyone in my office so excited for Chipotle?  And why did I get so caught up in it?  I don’t even like Chipotle!  It just goes to show how starved we are in Midtown for good food.  So sick of the same things day after day, a mediocre overpriced McBurrito is like some sort of Holy Grail of dining.  Here’s what I said about Chipotle a month ago, when I heard it was opening in my building:

For me, Chipotle is like a bad Chinese Buffet.  I have to go back once every three months, and feel sick, to remind myself why I only go once every three months.  See, I distinctly remember what my brain told me the last time I ate Chiptole… “Never eat here again”.  But that was three months ago, and my burrito starved body is wondering, “Maybe this time it will be different…everyone seems pretty excited… maybe I was wrong about Chipotle.” 

Well, it hasn’t been three months… but last night I finally discovered a way to enjoy Chipotle.  Eating there for free.  Free food always tastes better… it’s just a fact.  And Chipotle proved that once again last night.  We got one of those passes for free dinner on Monday night, and decided to check it out then, rather then wait on line today during free Buritto day (which is from 11am to 8pm by the way).

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Less then 24 hours until Free Burrito Time!

Free Burrito Day!

Tuesday is Free Burrito Day in Midtown

Every once in awhile a dilemna arises in life, that not only shakes you to your core, but defines you as a human being.  Who you are.  What you believe in.  Yesterday, I received some information.  Valuable information.  Information that you all clearly want.  And it is that knowledge, that information, that has led me to the crossroads that I am at now. 

Tell the world this info… and risk ruining it for the few people who happen to walk down 48th St. everyday (and their friends who they plan on telling).  Or, keep it to myself- and live with the shame of knowing I betrayed everything this site stands for, just to make getting my free burrito a tiny bit easier.

That’s right…. the day has finally arrived.  Wednesday (7/19), the Chipotle on 48th st. between 6th and 7th avenue is opening to the public- and to celebrate (as all new Chipotle’s do), Tuesday (7/18) is free burrito day.  That’s right.  On Tuesday, from 11am to 8pm, everyone willing to wait in line for god knows how long, will be rewarded with a free burrito and soda.

We could argue all day about whether or not the burritos at Chipotle are good.  What we can’t argue about is the intrinsic goodness of free food.  And free food always tastes good… maybe I’ll finally actually enjoy eating at Chipotle.

Check back Tuesday for pictures of the insanity… and updates.  Percentage of people in line who’s time away from work is worth more then a $7 burrito- 96.4%.  Effect that will have on the line.  Zero.

Chipotle, 49th St. between 6th & 7th Avenue. (Shit, you don’t need the address… just look for the gigantic line)


chipotle2Everyone's prayers have been answered… but mine.  They started construction on a new Chipotle right in my building (49th between 6th & 7th), and the office is abuzz.  After all, burritos could possibly be the perfect lunch food.  A self contained, all inclusive pocket of goodness, that you can eat with your hands… no side dishes necessary (except for some chips to handle the overflow). 

Everyone seems pretty excited about the prospect of burritos being just an elevator ride away- but I can't fall into that trap.  For me, Chipotle is like a bad Chinese Buffet.  I have to go back once every three months, and feel sick, to remind myself why I only go once every three months.  See, I distinctly remember what my brain told me the last time I ate Chiptole… "Never eat here again".  But that was three months ago, and my burrito starved body is wondering, "Maybe this time it will be different…everyone seems pretty excited… maybe I was wrong about Chipotle." 

chipotle1And of course three months ago was actually a relapse of it's own.  A few months before that, I had just moved here from Los Angeles, and tried Chiptole for the first time.  My thought… "Never eat here again…"  That lasted about two months.  Why can't they make a decent burrito in this city!

I'm not saying Chiptole is a terrible burrito… but compared to the Burritos in L.A., they definetely fall short (no one would dispute that).  But I'm not even talking about the authentic Burrito shacks… I'm talking about the chains too.  Now if a Baja Fresh or Sharky's opened at the bottom of my building, then you'd see some excitement.  But alas, there is no Baja Fresh, and we'll just have to settle for Chipotle.

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