“Flavors” To Take Over Former ABP Space Beneath the Fox News Building


The former Au Bon Pain space in the outdoor passageway underneath the Fox News Building, which has been empty since May of 2007 is finally getting a tenant. Flavors (yes, that is what the place is called) looks set to open any day now, and a quick looksee reveals that it is going to be another generic Midtown deli.  Need proof?  Let’s put the verbiage on their sign, through our Midtown Lunch calculator/translator combo:

Flavors is (Fresh + Healthy + Natural) + (Organic + Local)

And through the machine it goes………. ding!  Let’s see what we’ve got…

Generic Name that Means Absolutely Nothing + (Tasteless) + (Overpriced) = Another generic Midtown deli 

Yay!!!!!!! Confirmed by the translator… although in fairness to Flavors, I should say the last time I passed judgement on a cryptically named place before it opened, I ended up liking it (See: Crisp).  So in fairness to “Flavors”, I will wait for them to open before I totally bash it…

They do have locations downtown, so if any of our downtown lunch’ers have eaten at them, feel free to weigh in.


  • You know what I love? When I look through your website, click on “Cutting-Edge Sandwiches” and they’re all the same as the other places. I’m sick of turkey and brie, give me something crazy.

  • Zach: “verbiage”

  • @stevenp – oh yeah? who knew! (lord help me I’m not that bright…)

  • Word, Blondie. Anything can be made into a sandwich. The other week I didn’t make enough rice, so my leftovers ended up as a massaman curry sandwich. It was pretty awesome.

  • Zach: just want to keep you looking good to your adoring public! ;^)

  • By the by, they were passing out “Grand Opening Celebration” flyers at 47th and 6th this morning, so I presume they are now open.

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