Tuesday is Free Burrito Day in Midtown

Every once in awhile a dilemna arises in life, that not only shakes you to your core, but defines you as a human being.  Who you are.  What you believe in.  Yesterday, I received some information.  Valuable information.  Information that you all clearly want.  And it is that knowledge, that information, that has led me to the crossroads that I am at now. 

Tell the world this info… and risk ruining it for the few people who happen to walk down 48th St. everyday (and their friends who they plan on telling).  Or, keep it to myself- and live with the shame of knowing I betrayed everything this site stands for, just to make getting my free burrito a tiny bit easier.

That’s right…. the day has finally arrived.  Wednesday (7/19), the Chipotle on 48th st. between 6th and 7th avenue is opening to the public- and to celebrate (as all new Chipotle’s do), Tuesday (7/18) is free burrito day.  That’s right.  On Tuesday, from 11am to 8pm, everyone willing to wait in line for god knows how long, will be rewarded with a free burrito and soda.

We could argue all day about whether or not the burritos at Chipotle are good.  What we can’t argue about is the intrinsic goodness of free food.  And free food always tastes good… maybe I’ll finally actually enjoy eating at Chipotle.

Check back Tuesday for pictures of the insanity… and updates.  Percentage of people in line who’s time away from work is worth more then a $7 burrito- 96.4%.  Effect that will have on the line.  Zero.

Chipotle, 49th St. between 6th & 7th Avenue. (Shit, you don’t need the address… just look for the gigantic line)


  • Chipotle is da bomb – for when it opens for real, remember to fax in your orders or get there before noon to avoid a really long line.

  • Wow! You just justified this whole internet thingy! Still, it doesn’t help me find lunch for today…

  • You have just contributed to the doubling of the line… not that it matters. What’s 4 hours for a free burrito compared to 2? Who’s bringing a beachball?

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