chipotle2Everyone's prayers have been answered… but mine.  They started construction on a new Chipotle right in my building (49th between 6th & 7th), and the office is abuzz.  After all, burritos could possibly be the perfect lunch food.  A self contained, all inclusive pocket of goodness, that you can eat with your hands… no side dishes necessary (except for some chips to handle the overflow). 

Everyone seems pretty excited about the prospect of burritos being just an elevator ride away- but I can't fall into that trap.  For me, Chipotle is like a bad Chinese Buffet.  I have to go back once every three months, and feel sick, to remind myself why I only go once every three months.  See, I distinctly remember what my brain told me the last time I ate Chiptole… "Never eat here again".  But that was three months ago, and my burrito starved body is wondering, "Maybe this time it will be different…everyone seems pretty excited… maybe I was wrong about Chipotle." 

chipotle1And of course three months ago was actually a relapse of it's own.  A few months before that, I had just moved here from Los Angeles, and tried Chiptole for the first time.  My thought… "Never eat here again…"  That lasted about two months.  Why can't they make a decent burrito in this city!

I'm not saying Chiptole is a terrible burrito… but compared to the Burritos in L.A., they definetely fall short (no one would dispute that).  But I'm not even talking about the authentic Burrito shacks… I'm talking about the chains too.  Now if a Baja Fresh or Sharky's opened at the bottom of my building, then you'd see some excitement.  But alas, there is no Baja Fresh, and we'll just have to settle for Chipotle.

The +/- after the jump…


  • They wrap the Burrito up properly, no fork and knife needed (a huge plus that many burrito places in NYC have not caught on to yet)
  • A lot of different choices (Carnitas, Black or Pinto Beans, etc.)


  • We're not in L.A. anymore pal, why can't you get that through your brain
  • Why don't New York Burrito places give you free chips?  It's craziness.
  • The "cilantro and lime" has a weird salt and lime flavor that just doesn't taste right.  It doesn't have to be authentic, just make it taste better
  • A little expensive for a burrito (especially to add guacamole)… but I guess it's midtown so it's forgiveable.
  • I can't pinpoint exactly why I don't like these burritos… there's just something not right.  Maybe that's what happens when McDonald's tries to make Burritos (yes, they are owned by McDonald's).

I have to say, I am a big fan of carnitas burritos (I love pork), and both of my bad trips to Chipotle were at the hands of carnitas burritos… so maybe it's not really a fair review.  Maybe I need to go back and try the chicken burrito, or steak burrito.  Yeah, that's it… I need to go back one more time.  Maybe just one more try…  I'll order the chicken or the steak.  I'm sure it will be good this time… Shut up brain- we're going to give Chipotle one more chance.

Chiptole, Coming in a few weeks (according to one of the workers) to 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 49th btw. 6th & 7th

Already open at these Midtown Locations:

  • 9 West 42nd Street (btw. 5th & 6th) 212-354-6760
  • 150 E. 44th Street (btw. Lex & 3rd) 212-682-9860
  • 150 E. 52nd Street (btw. Lex & 3rd) 212-755-9754

Official Website []

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