At Lunch Now: Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck Opens its 6th Ave. Location!!!

The new Jiannetto’s Piza Truck is parked on 48th btw 6+7th. There are “No Parking” signs everywhere, so I’m not sure how long he’s going to last at that location… but as of right now, Midtown West has got it’s very own pizza truck! He claims they will be at that spot for good, but we’ll see. If it moves, i’ll let you know…

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  • Is there a definitive list of midtown truck food operations? I love this concept and wish there were more of them. Please direct me to a list if you know of one.

  • I saw this and went directly to said truck. Am now enjoying pizza orgasm in mouth.
    There is no good pizza in this hood! I hope the truck stays.

  • Em, i hope you called the pizza slice the next day, to say how great it was, maybe make another date.

  • Unless Em is the typical Midtown East female, then I would assume she just finished her diet coke, said she had a nice time and left.

  • Just tried it… the pizza was good and the crust was tasty, although for $2.25 I was hoping for a bigger slice. The rice ball left me wishing I had saved myself $4. The tomato sauce covering it was a bit watery making the crust all soft, the rice was overdone & mushy and it could use a little more flavoring.

    I’d definitely go back for another slice but I’ll pass on the rice ball next time.

  • Had 2 slices today…pizza nirvana, ladies and gentlemen…though i saw 2 security from i GUESS it was FOX, taking down the trucks licence plate…FOX PLEEEEEEASE don’t chase the pizza truck away!

  • I did some citizen journalism today at the pizza truck. Found out that Jianetto’s is opening a fourth location somewhere on 51st street (probably bet. 5th & 6th or 6th & 7th). That’ll give their pizza truck empire 4 locations.

    This is the sixth year of their venture. Also, the 48th & 6th guy seemed surprised to hear that FOX ‘News’ often uses that space.

  • I went there today with some friends and there was no sign of the truck.


    Yeah… I noticed that today.  Not sure exactly what is going on.  I’m thinking maybe that truck went back to Park Ave., and they’ll be sending the new truck soon?  As soon as it’s permanent, I’ll let everyone know…  -zach

  • Does anyone have the pizza truck phone numebr (Jiannetto’s) # on truck does not work

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our customers out there. I would like to take this opportunity to let you guys know that no comments ever go unnoticed. Thankyou for all of your support through some of our bumpy roads. Our three locations are Downtown Wall St., 47th St. between Park/Mad, and 51st St. between Park/Lex. Any phone orders should go through our main line, 47th St., 917-287-7241. Ask for Joe.

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