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RIP Crêpe Monster


A recent trip to Food Gallery 32, brought some sad news. Crêpe Monster, the Tokyo-style crêpe off shoot of Bian Dang has closed. (It’s apparently been closed since 8/16, clearly I don’t get to FG32 enough). I will miss their cinnamon roll-like “Milk Toaster” crêpe. Ah, Crêpe Monster, we hardly knew ye.

Madeleine the Crêpe Lady Likely Gone for Good

Cycle Cafe FrontIn the sad news department; I followed up with the staff at Cycle Cafe (fka Cyber Cafe, on 49th btw. B’way+8th) on the heels of our earlier report that Madeleine, the sweet old lady who made some pretty awesome crêpes, would only be temporarily displaced while the new management re-jiggers their food offerings. However, on my visit over the weekend, the staff brusquely mentioned that she wouldn’t be coming back. Indeed, the entire food counter has been taken over by a smoothie operation, generic deli sandwiches, and various Italian entrees slowly dying under a heat lamp, leaving no room for a crêpe making station. If this is truly the end for Madeleine, then we thank her for her services to the lunchers of Midtown, and bid her a fond adieu.

Cyber Café Becomes Cycle Cafe; Madeleine the Crêpe Lady Gone For Now

Last week we received a tip from the twitterverse that Cyber Café, the home of the beloved Madeleine the Crêpe Lady is now called “Cycle Café”, and that the stalls that were previously home to Tuck Shop and Madeleine, appear to be empty. I stopped by to investigate, and learned that the space is now under new management, who hope to renovate the interior. They’ve started by installing a juice and smoothie bar, and are re-vamping the counter space that Tuck Shop and Madeleine previously occupied. However they’ve assured me that the renovation should only take 2-3 weeks, and that Madeleine will be brought back afterward to keep making her delicious crêpes. We’ll do a follow-up visit next month to see if they stick to their word.

Madeleine The Crepe Lady (or the Hidden Gems of the CyberCafe- Part 2 of 2)

Remember Tripie, The Columbus Circle Crepe Cart?

Columbus Circle Crepe CartRemember Tripie, the crepe cart that was parked in Columbus Circle a few weeks back before getting chased away by the cops?  Well they popped up on Grub Street yesterday, who has video of them in action. We knew they were now parking on 8th Street and 4th Avenue, but I didn’t realize how amazing their list of crepe fillings is (guacamole and candy bars!?!)  Looks pretty awesome… I wonder if we can convince them to come back to Midtown!

Le Gamin’s Merguez Sandwich is Totally Worth the $9


Those who have been reading Midtown Lunch for awhile may recall the Cartwatch of January ’07.  A croque monsieur truck popped up, and just as quickly disappeared a few days later, before ML got a chance to sample their wares.  Since then, I have dreamed of the day when we would be able to buy a French ham and cheese sandwich from a truck- and earlier this week, my dream finally came true.

The Le Gamin truck, which has been parking all over NYC since late last year, finally gave Midtown a chance to try their menu of French sandwiches, crepes, quiche, and (of course) frites.  They set up shop on 47th btw. Lex+3rd on Tuesday and Wednesday, and not even the rain could keep me away from date with destiny!

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Tripie Crepe Truck Pops Up in Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle Crepe CartI’m not exactly sure how much “new Midtown truck!” news you can handle… but clearly this week we’re pushing the limits.  Got a few reports from Lunchers about this new crepe truck (known as “Tripie”?) parked in Columbus Circle. Lunch’er Mike tracked them down on Facebook and Lunch’er “Jonathan” was kind enough to send along the photo on the left via twitter. $4.95 for a crepe is kind of cheap by Midtown standards. Has anybody tried this cart yet, or know anything about it?  I’m curious how it stacks up against Madeleine the Crepe Lady (on 49th btw. B’way+8th) or the Le Gamin Truck (which parked in Midtown for the first time yesterday, and will be back in the same spot today.)

New Cart Alert: Crepe Cafe Cart


Lunch’er Shauna (who we have to thank for yesterday’s McD’s photo), also sent along this photo of the “Crepe Cafe” cart parked on 50th btw. 6+7th yesterday. Not to be confused with the Crepe Cart on 53rd btw. 5+6th, I know I’ve seen this cart somewhere- but it definitely wasn’t on 50th btw. 6+7th. Anybody eaten from it yet? The one on 53rd btw. 5+6th is ok, but nothing to write home about- and I’m sure no cart could be better than the crepe lady in the Cyber Cafe on 49th btw. 7+8th, but I’d still be curious. If you’ve tried it, feel free to post in the comments… and if you have news, recommendations or a photo to share, send it to

Madeleine The Crepe Lady (or the Hidden Gems of the CyberCafe- Part 2 of 2)

A little while after discovering Tuck Shop hidden inside the CyberCafe, I noticed another sign go up in the window.  “Madeleine ‘The Crepe Lady’.  Making Crepes Wednesday -Sunday 10am to 4pm”.  I’m intrigued.  Tell me more, oh window of the CyberCafe…  An article posted next to the sign went in depth about this “Crepe Lady” who served up delicious crepes in a kiosk in Central Park.  Well apparently she’s at the CyberCafe now… and Central Park’s loss, is Midtown’s gain!

Tuck Shop in the CyberCafe was weird enough.  But now this place has got a “Crepe Lady”.  Total craziness…  what kind of internet cafe is this???  But who am I to argue with this kind of deliciousness.  Thankfully I didn’t let the surroundings fool me into not trying a crepe, because Madeleine is the real deal.  And by real deal I mean this sweet, charming, amazing “Crepe Lady” is actually from Brittany…  the birthplace of crepes.  And she’s been making these French treats since she was 13 years old!  I think it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing.

Food porn, the complete list of what she serves, and the +/- (with not so much of the minus), after the jump…

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