New Cart Alert: Crepe Cafe Cart


Lunch’er Shauna (who we have to thank for yesterday’s McD’s photo), also sent along this photo of the “Crepe Cafe” cart parked on 50th btw. 6+7th yesterday. Not to be confused with the Crepe Cart on 53rd btw. 5+6th, I know I’ve seen this cart somewhere- but it definitely wasn’t on 50th btw. 6+7th. Anybody eaten from it yet? The one on 53rd btw. 5+6th is ok, but nothing to write home about- and I’m sure no cart could be better than the crepe lady in the Cyber Cafe on 49th btw. 7+8th, but I’d still be curious. If you’ve tried it, feel free to post in the comments… and if you have news, recommendations or a photo to share, send it to


  • Dang. I took a picture of that yesterday and was going to send that on as well. Foiled again!

    I’ll try to stop by on a nicer day.

  • this cart was briefly on broadway, iirc, around 52nd or 53rd. if it’s the same one, it wasn’t as good as the one on 53rd by the library.

  • I went yesterday and tried the Mozzerella/Spinich and Ham/Cheddar crepes along with the Banana/Nutella. Split all 3 with a co-worker. They were all delicious but the Crepe Lady is definitely better. These were larger though.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic – the good doctor has not posted on this blog for several days – and this post (about food from a “filthy germ-wagon” – his words, not mine) – would surely have drawn comment from him if anything would.

    Maybe you’ve all seen the last of him here. And I’d guess that sort of thing WOULD excite you.

    Now if only the hamster, Mr Wiggles, and I could be so lucky……

  • i agree about 53rd st crepes, nothin to write home about but they get the job done… like i said, the menu here seems eerily similar to that other crepe cart, and the empanadas kinda threw me off a bit. was too rainy to go today, but will give that dulce de leche crepe a whirl next week.

  • This cart made an appearance at the corner of 51st and 6th yesterday right near the Heartland Brewery. I aleady had gotten lunch but I picked up an Empanada for a snack. The filling was tasty but the outside was a little burnt.

    Was going to try out the crepe’s for lunch today but it was nowhere to be found.

  • I couldn’t find it last week either.

  • I know this post is forever old, but I had a ham and cheddar cheese crepe today which was mighty delicious! The spinach empanda’s edges were way too hard though so I’ll probably just stick to crepes from now on. But still, quite a yummy experience!

  • Hi guys, i am selling crepes, just wanted to ask you what do you preper, savory or sweet crepes? and what is your favorite combination?

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