Remember Tripie, The Columbus Circle Crepe Cart?

Columbus Circle Crepe CartRemember Tripie, the crepe cart that was parked in Columbus Circle a few weeks back before getting chased away by the cops?  Well they popped up on Grub Street yesterday, who has video of them in action. We knew they were now parking on 8th Street and 4th Avenue, but I didn’t realize how amazing their list of crepe fillings is (guacamole and candy bars!?!)  Looks pretty awesome… I wonder if we can convince them to come back to Midtown!

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    Nooooooo, you can’t lure my sweet Tripie guys back to Midtown! Those of us in that black hole between midtown and way downtown need all the cheap lunch we can get without having to elbow a college student in the larynx.
    My favorite is the cheese (pref. mozerella), mushroom, and onion, but nutella plus fresh fruit looks amazing. And the free lemonade is really yum. Bonus – in the unlikely event you’re still hungry, this is across the street from the Cooper Sq. Zaiya.

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