Tripie Crepe Cart Becomes Latest to Get Moved by the Police

Columbus Circle Crepe Cart

Shortly after we posted about the new Tripie Crepe Cart in Columbus Circle, they disappeared.  The owner checked in at the end of last week to fill us in on what happened.

“We moved downtown, 8 street bet. 3+4th ave, because we had troubles with the hot dog vendor and then when the police that told us to go… It was very disappointing and unpleasent. I hope that we won’t face the same problems in our new location.”

But were you in a legal spot in Columbus Circle?

“I was standing in a legal place, i learned the rules and i have the list of the restricted areas, the policeman moved me with no reason and i had no option but to move, he told me that if i wont be gone in 5 minutes (!) he will take the cart and give me a fine of 1000$, the police man name is {redacted}, his badge number is {redacted} and he is a sergeant. As for the hot dog guy, I suffered from him a lot at the beginning but eventually we shake hands and figured out something together.”

Same story different day.

Prediction: New Carts & Trucks Are About to See Some Serious Backlash


  • Sad to hear. Who needs hot dog vendor either then. Maybe there needs to be a swarm of donut carts ;P

  • I have seen this guy on my walk to the NRW in the morning. I’ll try it out tomorrow and report back. He’s across the street from a Coffee/Donut guy (by KMart) and the MUD Truck (Astor place 6 train) stop.

    Hopefully he can be successful at that spot without any interference from the other vendors in the area. I wonder how late he stays around?

  • i say let’s all boycott hot dog vendors. It seems like the only way to keep them quiet is to not give them business and hope they do something else.

  • Danny, something tells me most people here haven’t visited a hotdog cart in a long time. I think the last time I visited a hotdog cart was about 2 years ago. I had hotdogs at home just this past weekend. I can’t see going to a cart for one.

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    Zach, I don’t understand why you redacted the cops name and badge number. If the cop was in the right, he has no need for anonymity. If however he was doing something improper, the relevant authorities should be able to identify him to correct any corruption that exists. I would encourage you to rethink those redactions. This site can give power to the otherwise powerless, but only if you don’t let the powerful hide behind anonymity.

  • @Makanmata – I didn’t have permission from the cart owner at the time of the posting. He just emailed and said it was ok to post.

    But I don’t know if I want to get in the middle of a fight between a cop and cart… if the owner would like to comment, I won’t censor him.

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    Hi guys, thank you so much for your support, we really need it.
    the cups name is Perez, badge ID: 2438

    we are located on 8th strret & 4th ave

    You can contact me with any question or comment

    brian 6468759469

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    Zvika, if you feel that the cop had improper motivations for moving you, or otherwise behaved improperly, you should submit a Complaint to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

    I am wondering if anybody else finds it odd that a NYPD Sargeant is involved in telling a cart to get lost?

  • Name and shame the Hotdog stall.

    Police corruption.Bit like Serpico with tubesteak.

  • HAHA!! Serpico!

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