Madeleine the Crêpe Lady Likely Gone for Good

Cycle Cafe FrontIn the sad news department; I followed up with the staff at Cycle Cafe (fka Cyber Cafe, on 49th btw. B’way+8th) on the heels of our earlier report that Madeleine, the sweet old lady who made some pretty awesome crêpes, would only be temporarily displaced while the new management re-jiggers their food offerings. However, on my visit over the weekend, the staff brusquely mentioned that she wouldn’t be coming back. Indeed, the entire food counter has been taken over by a smoothie operation, generic deli sandwiches, and various Italian entrees slowly dying under a heat lamp, leaving no room for a crêpe making station. If this is truly the end for Madeleine, then we thank her for her services to the lunchers of Midtown, and bid her a fond adieu.


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    The new-and-not-so-good Crepes Truck should hire her!

  • Before her stint at the Cyber Cafe, Madeleine did a freelance stint, making crepes at various locations around the city, including Central Park. Let’s hope she finds a new place to work her magic.

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