Cyber Café Becomes Cycle Cafe; Madeleine the Crêpe Lady Gone For Now

Last week we received a tip from the twitterverse that Cyber Café, the home of the beloved Madeleine the Crêpe Lady is now called “Cycle Café”, and that the stalls that were previously home to Tuck Shop and Madeleine, appear to be empty. I stopped by to investigate, and learned that the space is now under new management, who hope to renovate the interior. They’ve started by installing a juice and smoothie bar, and are re-vamping the counter space that Tuck Shop and Madeleine previously occupied. However they’ve assured me that the renovation should only take 2-3 weeks, and that Madeleine will be brought back afterward to keep making her delicious crêpes. We’ll do a follow-up visit next month to see if they stick to their word.

Madeleine The Crepe Lady (or the Hidden Gems of the CyberCafe- Part 2 of 2)

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  • The loss of Madeleie the Crepe Lady is a tremendous loss for Midtown Lunchers and for the Theater District.
    Let’s hope she surfaces somewhere real soon!

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