A Weird Week for Midtown Carts, Chowhound Edition of Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up…

Well, I know it’s only been a day- but I’m really disappointed no one has found my mysterious disappearing $1 Bulgogi Sandwich cart.  Please keep a look out for it.  I really do need to find this cart.  One thing yesterday’s post did do is get everyone into reporting about carts.  Here was one comment about a new French Cart from “Teen Wolf”:

“Parked at the SE corner of 54th St and Broadway is a large truck selling French food for cheap! $4 gets you a croque monsieur and a soda. You get your choice of turkey or ham pressed with melted cheese. For a dollar more you can get it with a fried egg on top (croque madame). I didn’t get a chance to try it myself, but the guy in the truck said this was his 3rd day and he plans on staying there. He mentioned that the parking laws were a little problematic though.”

(If you are interested in knowing what one of those things looks like, follow the links above to pics from roboppy, who spent the past three months in France.)  Definitely going to check that cart out.  There was also comments about two popular carts that have been missing for weeks.



On January 5th, Jim asked this question:

Does anyone know what happened to the Indian Fast Food cart? For the past two days I’ve looked for it at its usual Park and 53rd location, but it wasn’t there. Please tell me this is just a temporary absence.

But apparently it’s not temporary because yesterday Peggy posted this:

It’s been almost two weeks now and still no cart. I’m getting worried. 

I’m worried too. That cart wasn’t the best Indian food in Midtown, but it was certainly the cheapest.


According to chathamsq the Teriyaki Cart on 50th St. has disappeared as well:

Anyone have a post-mortem on Happy Teriyaki BBQ Cart (50th btw 6 & 7)? Their presence was spotty in late Nov & early Dec; haven’t seen them at all since mid-Dec. Was hoping they’d relocated but haven’t seen them anywhere.

If anybody has any info about either of these missing carts, email zach@midtownlunch.com or post it as a comment.

Midtown Links about stuff you definitely want to know about, PLUS a preview of next week- after the jump.


and two that aren’t from Chowhound:

I know this week I promised Indian Buffet, but with all the Korean Cart madness and the 99 cent pizza, I just didn’t have time.  Next week- I promise… Indian Buffet.  PLUS I finally make it over to the Blarney Stone for their unbelievable Hamburger.  Very exciting.  Have a good weekend…


  • There is an Indian Fast Food cart on 47th and Park. The cart at this location looks similar to the one in the picture. The chicken on rice is pretty good and well marinated.

  • Mmmm…. there are a bunch of carts down by me. Wonder if any of them are good?

    PS The return of Fresh Direct codes! Those bastids held back for nearly a month!

  • I’ve seen a remarkably similar looking Indian Food cart around 52/53 off Lexington. Across from the CVS. They’re usually packing up by 2pm.

  • Yay! The Indian food cart at 53rd and Park is back!

  • happy chicken teriyaki taste ”GOOD”

  • chicken teriyaki has wonderful food kimchi teriyaki;spice pork;chicken and rice with salad;giner dressing; he’s my dad

  • as well it taste good people buy alot of spice pork

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