RIP Crêpe Monster


A recent trip to Food Gallery 32, brought some sad news. Crêpe Monster, the Tokyo-style crêpe off shoot of Bian Dang has closed. (It’s apparently been closed since 8/16, clearly I don’t get to FG32 enough). I will miss their cinnamon roll-like “Milk Toaster” crêpe. Ah, Crêpe Monster, we hardly knew ye.


  • too bad. they needed more signs pointing to the third floor.

    it’s strange that they added seating to the ground level while there is so much seating upstairs. a lot more cramped while waiting for your food.

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    yeah after ordering soup and going upstairs i didnt really have room for anything extra up there.

    they definitely needed something to entice you to go up there though, like if you order from bian dang you get a coupon at crepe monster or something.

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    the 3rd floor location was definitely the death knell for crepe monster. I wonder what else they’ll put in there though? Can anything survive on the 3rd floor?

  • seriously, they were a victim of poor marketing/publicity. and i’m not even talking like ads and stuff. a simple sign on the first or second floor would have been enough. unless you were forced to go up there for seating, or if you read it on a food blog, you would never have known it was there. sad.

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