Le Gamin Makes it a Midtown Truck Invasion

After what happened yesterday we should probably get used to all these new trucks popping up in Midtown.  Today it’s the Le Gamin Truck, which has been parking everywhere *but* Midtown for the past month and a half. From Lunch’er Jason: “Walking to work today I spotted a truck I’ve never seen before. I believe it was ‘Le Gamin’. They listed sandwiches and other savory items for sale with a physical address somewhere on MacDougal. They were parked at the NE corner of 47th/Lex.” Merguez sandwiches, croque monsieurs, and frites?  I’ll take it! Not sure if they’ll last at this spot, or what their long term plan is, but you can follow them on… you guessed it… twitter.

Photo and menu info courtesy of Serious Eats: New York.


  • I think you missed the “r” in Merguez. I love the stuff, and I’d get so excited typing about it I’d forget the “r” too. This sounds le tasty.

  • @steveroller – I was excited! (I fixed it… thanks!)

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    Longest wait ever for the most overpriced sandwich I’ve ever had. Got the croque monsieur for $8 because it looked delicious in the article, but got to the office and the bread was stale… The ham and cheese were pretty good though, but not worth the time/money.

  • I was there around 12:10 and might have been the first to order so I didn’t have a wait. I got a merguez, swiss, and shroom crepe for $9 but it was pretty eh; wouldn’t say it was worth it.

  • A truly great week for street food.

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    I got there around 12:15 or so, and there was almost no line, although one started to develop after me. I know they were having some difficulties as the fryer was down, but I got what I wanted – merguez, mushroom, and goat cheese crepe. It was delicious, and worth the nine dollars. Totally filling.

  • I was there around 12:30ish and they had already run out of french fries. lame! The chicken sandwich with goat cheese was pretty tasty but not sure if it was worth the 25 min. wait.

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