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The Meatball Craze Spills into the Food Cart World


Since Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen went MIA last year and Mia Dona closed their meatball wagon, we haven’t had a true meatball cart or truck in Midtown. Well, thanks again to you observant readers, we discovered that a new one has rolled up just in time for fall. MTBLLS NYC is a sleekly designed, flashy cart that’s been spending most of their time since their launch three weeks ago on 49th and 6th Avenue.

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Katz n Dogz is a Jewish Deli on Wheels


Thanks to a handful of our readers who have been discussing the latest offerings from the newer more expensive food trucks on a previous post, I discovered a brand new truck that debuted a few weeks ago under the radar. Despite the silly name, the Katz n Dogz truck has been hanging in Midtown serving pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, Hebrew National franks, salami, knishes, burgers (including one topped with pastrami), cole slaw, etc. Basically a lite version of what you’d expect to find at a classic Jewish deli.

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Sandwich Factory NYC Truck Hits the Streets

A new Kosher sandwich truck named Sandwich Factory NYC made its debut in Midtown this past Thursday on the southeast corner of 52nd and Lexington Avenue. Making “the freshest sandwiches on four wheels,” Sandwich Factory NYC offers shawarma, sandwich-factory steak, falafel pitas, burgers, schnitzel, chicken steak, and “baby chicken” sandwiches. The menu isn’t posted on the truck (you have to pick up a card from them) and the menu also doesn’t have prices listed, but I asked for a schnitzel sandwich which was $9 and a side of fries which was $2.50. More to come on that soon…

Early adopters, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Sandwich Factory NYC, Check FB or Twitter for Locations

Is the Blarney Stone Closed for Good?!

If you’ve walked by the Blarney Stone on 3rd Ave. (btw 44+45th) recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s closed for renovations. Well, a man standing outside this week who seemed to be in the know said that the bar isn’t just closed for renovation, but has in fact been sold and will re-open as a different establishment. Apparently the owners got an offer that they just couldn’t refuse. None of this is confirmed, but the Blarney Stone has proven to be a surprisingly good place to grab lunch (and reasonably priced craft beer), so if the news is true, it’s a sad day indeed.

Satya Eastern Kitchen Updates Its Menu

Satya Eastern Kitchen, the Asian fast casual spot on 46th and 8th, has both raised some of its prices and introduced new items to the menu. The changes gave me an excuse not only to check out the new food — which includes spring rolls, dumplings and new kinds of fried rice and lo mein — but also stop back in to check out the sliders I didn’t get to last time I was at Satya.

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Flatiron Lunch: On Revisit, Beecher’s Sandwiches and Mac and Cheese Still Taste Great

Every Friday we go south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.

When I first took over as Flatiron contributor, I met the former contributor, Ultra Clay, and ML contributor Brian Hoffman. When I asked if they had any restaurants recommendations for FL, they both said I should make a return visit to Beecher’s. It had just opened, and both of them liked the food…and the free samples.

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Flatiron News: Edward Hopper “Lunch’ing” in the Flatiron Building

Here’s a bit of Flatiron Lunch news before we lay this week’s review on you…

Flatiron Lunch goes (almost) meta with a Flatiron Lunch News post about this life-sized installation of people at a diner IN the ground floor of the Flatiron Building. The installation is an ad is to promote an Edward Hopper drawings exhibition at the Whitney Museum which closes on October 6. Granted the scene is from the painting Nighthawks, which is on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, so they are not technically “Lunch’ing”. But I love it anyway. Zach, do we need a “Midtown Nighthawking” section for late night bites and diners?

Tacos Angelita: Where Mexican Food and Street Meat Unite

If street meat and Mexican food had a love child, it would be Tacos Angelita. On my way to Little Collins, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the wafting smells of meat coming from this unassuming cart, parked daily on the southeast corner of 55th and Lexington. With a menu visible from Lexington Avenue that pretty much keeps a cap at $7, Tacos Angelita offers up not only tacos, but tortas, burgers, burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, and plates.

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It’s Free Lunch Day at Fresh & Co.

Thanks to Lunch’er “marshm” for sending over this tip… “Fresh & Co at 1359 Broadway @ 36th Street was handing out flyers that said everything in the store would be free today from 11am – 2pm while supplies last.”  Freeloaders, prepare to engage.  UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that on their Facebook page it says you need an original flier in order to score the free grub, but it didn’t say that on our flier.  Maybe if you tell them a co-worker told you about it, they’ll hook you up anyway.  Good luck everybody!

Lezzette is Closed Again: Lezzette is not having a very good summer. In what could be a mirror image of an earlier post, the awesome doner/gyro spot near Penn has had their insurance shutter show up as down. No DoH signs or recent inspections, nothin'. Their last inspection was 7/23, allowing their reopening on 7/30. It's back to Troy for us should we be craving an F5 meat tornado in the meantime!