Tacos Angelita: Where Mexican Food and Street Meat Unite

If street meat and Mexican food had a love child, it would be Tacos Angelita. On my way to Little Collins, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the wafting smells of meat coming from this unassuming cart, parked daily on the southeast corner of 55th and Lexington. With a menu visible from Lexington Avenue that pretty much keeps a cap at $7, Tacos Angelita offers up not only tacos, but tortas, burgers, burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, and plates.

Despite all the things you could order at Tacos Angelita (the tacos do look pretty tasty and they’re $2.50 each), if you love street meat and you love Mexican food, you MUST order a meat plate. In fact, I’m not really sure why more Mexican trucks and carts haven’t banked on this opportunity – it’s the perfect combination. I went with the Carnitas pork plate, and at $6, I was in heaven.

The meat plates come with yellow rice, black beans and guacamole, your choice of meat (pollo, carnitas, pernil, Italian sausage, bistec, or combo chicken & steak), sauteed peppers and onions, and a side of salad. Then, at the end, you can top it off with white sauce and/or hot sauce, which I decided to douse the carnitas in. Of course, you would never find pork at a halal cart, so being able to order that in itself at Tacos Angelita was pretty amazing. There’s also the added bonus of having black beans and a small amount of guacamole with every spoonful to quell any burrito cravings.

I’ll definitely be back to try their chicken & steak combo, as well as their tacos. Too bad we discovered them too late for this year’s Street Meat Palooza!

Tacos Angelita, SE Corner of 55th and Lexington Avenue


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    you think they can make carne asada fries?!?

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    Yes! This is awesome! Great job.

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    There’s been a Mexican cart on that corner for about 2 years. The restaurant delivery guys hang out and eat there.


    I think it’s the same people who own it. They started out with an old doughnut cart with a handwritten menu.

    • Hmm… possibly? I asked the guys how long they’ve been there, and they said late April/May, so I’m not sure if it’s the same one. Regardless, none of us took note until recently!

  • Alexa, thank you for this report. It gave the facts, read well, to the point and had just a hint of the conversational voice. I appreciate your assessment.

  • And once again, Midtown West can get bent.

    Just went through the last 4 or 5 pages of posts and I think the only representation was a sandwich that isn’t even available anymore from El Rey De Sabor. Haters.

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    I love Tacos Angelita! I make sure to go at least once a week. Lucio and his son Jerry are the best. Lucio cooks every meat to order. His food is always fresh and very well-seasoned. I love everything he makes – the tacos, quesadilla, tortas and huge burritos. Everything is so reasonably priced and delicious, an amazing bang for your buck. I highly recommend paying him a visit whenever you can.

  • This is a very good cart. They recently dressed it up like the other carts with bright green decoration and pictures of the food.

    The last thing I tried there was the meat plate with chorizo. I loved the spice. It’s a great alternative if you don’t feel like waiting on line at some of the nearby brick and mortars or for a quick Mexican lunch.

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