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Free Meatballs Alert: According to Eater, versatile food personality Donatella Arpaia will be launching a second Meatball Wagon in Chelsea soon, and to celebrate she'll be giving out free meatballs today in Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and Madison Square Park. No specific locations have been announced, but check her Twitter feed to find out where you can get a taste of her award-winning meatballs.

Mia Dona Pulls Plug on Gelato Sandwiches

Gelato SandwichFrom Lunch’er Ben:  “Just an FYI — I was craving one of Mia Dona’s gelato/brioche sandwiches yesterday and trekked over there yesterday evening. Couldn’t find the cart in sight so I went into the restaurant and the manager happened to be up front so I asked him about its whereabouts. He said they stopped serving them because they just weren’t popular at all. He said he was only selling about 10/day, so it just didn’t make sense anymore. He mentioned getting a ton of press about them but that that unfortunately did not transfer into sales. They won’t be bringing them back sadly.”    You know what’s more sad than that?  They didn’t even give it a month.  (How expensive can it be to sell ice cream sandwiches in front of your restaurant!?)

SENY Likes Mia Dona’s Spicy Meatballs and Gelato

Serious Eats New York launched a new “street food” column this week, and first up is the Mia Dona Meatball Cart, set up in front of the restaurant on 58th just East of 3rd Ave. I don’t know if we’d really call the Meatball Wagon “street food”, but that spicy meatball sandwich is pretty amazing. They also tried the afternoon gelato sandwiches, and discovered that you can get two flavors of gelato in a single sandwich. Brilliant!

Your First Look at the Food Trend Collision That is Donatella’s Meatball Wagon
Mia Dona’s Gelato Sandwich Might Be the Best Take Away Dessert in the Area

Mia Dona’s Gelato Sandwich Might Be the Best Take Away Dessert in the Area

I may not be willing to trek over 10 blocks at lunchtime for a meatball sandwich, but I’m totally willing to do the trek after work for a gelato sandwich! As we told you last week, the Mia Dona cart is now serving gelato sandwiches from around 4 until 7. I stopped by yesterday and went with the ricotta drizzled with honey. The homemade brioche was soft, sweet, and fluffy; the gelato is pretty fantastic, except the freezer is a bit too cold- rendering the gelato a bit hard. The server did mention that if the cart gets more traffic, they’ll offer more flavors. $6 is a bit pricey for a late afternoon sugar rush, but in fairness it’s probably the cheapest dessert on the block, and quite possibly the best take-away one in the area.

Mia Dona Gelato Cart, 206 E. 58th (btw. 2+3rd), 212-750-8170 (Weekdays from 4-7pm)

Mia Dona Meatball Cart Extends Hours, Adds Gelato

You might have seen part of this story on Eater this morning, but starting tomorrow (Friday, 7/23), the Mia Dona Meatball Cart that Clay tried back in April (on 58th just East of 3rd Ave.), will extend their lunch hours to 3pm.  And in even more exciting news for those who have a sweet tooth… every weekday at 3pm it will be replaced by a cart selling gelato sandwiches.  For $6 you’ll get your choice of pistachio or ricotta gelato drizzled with honey, and sandwiched inside a toasted house baked brioche bun with a dusting of powdered sugar. That’s kind of pricey for an ice cream sandwich, but I’m sure one of the contributors (Blondie and Brownie, I’m looking in your general direction) would be willing to take one for the team and see if it’s worth it.

Adventures in Cherry Picking: Last Wednesday, New York Times critic Sam Sifton gave Mia Dona, the fancy Italian joint on 58th btw. 2+3rd, zero stars... but he did call their meatballs- the ones they sell from a cart in front of the restaurant during lunch- "terrific". So what did the restaurant do?  Put up a sandwich board in front of the restaurant with the quote, of course.

Donatella’s Meatball Wagon Raises Prices!: Terrible new from Lunch'er Kimberley in the old inbox: "I was just at Mia Dona's new meatball truck (on 58th btw. 2+3rd) and the price of the sandwich has been raised to $7 - still yummy but not as good of a deal."     Seriously guys? On day 3! Come si dice bastardi in inglese?

Your First Look at the Food Trend Collision That is Donatella’s Meatball Wagon

_MG_0192 - Version 2

In what may ultimately prove to be one of the tastiest shark-jumping moments in the high-end street food trend, fancy Italian restaurant Mia Dona (on 58th St btw. 2+3rd) has entered the fray. As reported last week, “Donatella’s Meatball Wagon” opened for business on Friday, and will be serving lunch Monday through Friday from a shiny red cart in front of the restaurant from Noon to 2pm.

Fad or not, meatballs are God’s food and I had to have it, even if it meant delving into the snootiest corner of midtown to get them. Details and photos after the jump.

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Mia Dona Launches Meatball Cart on Friday

Thanks to Jean for pointing this one out in the forums! Mia Dona (the upscale Italian restaurant on 58th btw. 2+3rd) is launching a “meatball cart” on Friday.  According to Diner’s Journal the meatballs are “slow braised in ragu, smothered in caciocavallo cheese, garnished with arugula and sandwiched between two squares of homemade potato-ricotta foccacia.”  Sandwiched between two pieces of focaccia, the meatballs will cost $6, without the bread $5.  And according to Fork in the Road the cart will be open from Noon to 2pm. Sounds pretty awesome.