Mia Dona’s Gelato Sandwich Might Be the Best Take Away Dessert in the Area

I may not be willing to trek over 10 blocks at lunchtime for a meatball sandwich, but I’m totally willing to do the trek after work for a gelato sandwich! As we told you last week, the Mia Dona cart is now serving gelato sandwiches from around 4 until 7. I stopped by yesterday and went with the ricotta drizzled with honey. The homemade brioche was soft, sweet, and fluffy; the gelato is pretty fantastic, except the freezer is a bit too cold- rendering the gelato a bit hard. The server did mention that if the cart gets more traffic, they’ll offer more flavors. $6 is a bit pricey for a late afternoon sugar rush, but in fairness it’s probably the cheapest dessert on the block, and quite possibly the best take-away one in the area.

Mia Dona Gelato Cart, 206 E. 58th (btw. 2+3rd), 212-750-8170 (Weekdays from 4-7pm)


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