Mia Dona Pulls Plug on Gelato Sandwiches

Gelato SandwichFrom Lunch’er Ben:  “Just an FYI — I was craving one of Mia Dona’s gelato/brioche sandwiches yesterday and trekked over there yesterday evening. Couldn’t find the cart in sight so I went into the restaurant and the manager happened to be up front so I asked him about its whereabouts. He said they stopped serving them because they just weren’t popular at all. He said he was only selling about 10/day, so it just didn’t make sense anymore. He mentioned getting a ton of press about them but that that unfortunately did not transfer into sales. They won’t be bringing them back sadly.”    You know what’s more sad than that?  They didn’t even give it a month.  (How expensive can it be to sell ice cream sandwiches in front of your restaurant!?)


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    I’m thinking the time was its downfall. I trekked over to mia dona for the meatball sandwiches a few times during lunch but couldn’t get up there after 4pm. If they had both the meatball and the gelato sandwiches at lunch time then fuhgeddaboudit.

  • I also think the price was a bit too high…

  • Meatball + Gelato sandwich cart would be insane… do it Mia Dona!

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    I guess I should have gone sooner.

  • Noo!! I really really wanted to try it to! :(

  • At the end of the day, it was just too expensive. Really, a TINY scoop of ice cream on a little roll for six bucks? Come on. The day I was there, I saw multiple people take a look, then walk away after seeing the price.

  • I’d say it’s pretty expensive. If that person selling it is making a living wage but only doing a tenth of the work the staff inside are doing, it doesn’t make sense to keep them stationed at that cart all day.

    I still think they should keep it on the menu as a take-out option. Or we can just look for a gelateria near a bakery.

    • Ok, how about Zaro’s in GC and then the gelato served at Financier or Golosi?

      Make it happen, Midtown Lunch. Show ‘em how it’s done. :P

      • Lemme give this a shot tomorrow…Get a challah roll from Zaro’s or a brioche from that other bakery in GC Market by the door to Lex, then head down to Ciao Bella in the food court and stick a scoop of gelato in there. Any suggests for gelato flavor? Gotta get the bread toasted somehow though….

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