Donatella’s Meatball Wagon Raises Prices!

Terrible new from Lunch’er Kimberley in the old inbox: “I was just at Mia Dona’s new meatball truck (on 58th btw. 2+3rd) and the price of the sandwich has been raised to $7 – still yummy but not as good of a deal.”     Seriously guys? On day 3! Come si dice bastardi in inglese?


  • $7? Okay, time to embrace the Subway’s Meatball Sub WITH cheese on it.

  • Was going to check it out, but raising the price after 3 days is a joke. I don’t care if it’s only $1, it’s prinicple. Protesters engage!

  • ha, this place sucks already.

  • Great, and I just pulled the trigger on heirloom habaneros futures.

    (this concept is ridiculously stupid)

  • weak. I was looking forward to going back. It was good, but not $7 good.

  • Who do they think they are–damn THIEVES! Only suckers pay 7 bucks for a 4 inch by 4inch meatball snack. I’m going to McD’s or BK for the damn dollar menu so I can throw my cheeseburgers at the meatball server!

  • i’ll wait to try it before passing judgment, but objectively it still doesn’t sound like a terrible deal if the food’s good. I’m happy to shell out $5 for a single waffle w/ a topping at W&D, so why not $7 for a meatball sandwich? If all of a sudden people stop going cuz of the dollar difference, they’ll drop the price again…simple supply and demand, no hate needed.

  • 6 bucks for 4 meatballs and a piece of bread is BS imo. If they did it for 3 bucks, maybe 4, I’d think it is a fair deal, and would likely be a huge volume seller. However, for 7 bucks, they better be using freakin’ ground filet mignon and shaved Truffles! Yes, I am HATING big time!

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    I work across the street and there is a line down the block for these things! Its a quality quick lunch and according to the folks over there they upped the portion size (and price) after getting complaints they were too small.. I’m sure people will keep lining up because the spicy version is DAMN good!

  • I’d like to see a cart park right in front of this place.

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    I had the spicy meatball sandwich today and it was good. I had just enough room after eating it to walk over to Momofuku Milk Bar and eat a chocolate chocolate cookie. mmmmmm

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