The Meatball Craze Spills into the Food Cart World


Since Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen¬†went MIA last year and Mia Dona closed their meatball wagon, we haven’t had a true meatball cart or truck in Midtown. Well, thanks again to you observant readers, we discovered that a new one has rolled up just in time for fall. MTBLLS NYC is a sleekly designed, flashy cart that’s been spending most of their time since their launch three weeks ago on 49th and 6th Avenue.


The menu offers up your choice of chicken, beef, or veggie balls in a number of different vessels. You can get a bowl (of three balls), with romaeso, marinara, or francaise sauce. Or you can get them as a baguette sandwich. Or a $3.50 slider. I haven’t tried the food yet so haven’t seen the balls, but at these prices, they better be big! According to their Facebook page, MTBLLS NYC is once again at 49th and 6th today. Let us know what you think of their balls.


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