Lezzette-Faire No More: Lezzette has been DoH’d!

One of the really good places to get doner kebab/gyros in Southwest Midtown has been closed! Lezzette, which did a bunch of different salads along with awesome doner, has been ordered closed all of a sudden. The big yellow sign of DoH shame is present, its closure dating 6/10, which corresponds to a very abysmal inspection grade of 93 points on that same date. Mostly thermal problems show up on the inspector’s report, but it apparently had some inappropriate temperatures to some food. Hopefully they fare a little better than repeat-closure offenders in the area and bounce back soon – I lost an opportunity to assuage my doner craving!


  • Any word on Lezzette’s status? It is easily my favorite lunch spot in midtown.

    • Sadly, it’s still closed. I work right next to it and passed by today on my way to other lunch recon. The DoH notice has been torn down but the place is still behind locked insurance shutters. I sure as hell hope they’re not permanently gone; they’re one hell of a good lunch spot.

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