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Lezzette is Gone for Good

Midtown Southwest is down one of the better Turkish joints. After having been DoHed recently and inexplicably shuttering, the above photo and its realtor sign shows that it’s all over for Lezzette. No more midday baklava before hitting up B&H for us, it seems. We’re down to Troy Turkish Grill for ’round-the-corner doner options that are actually worth eating.

Lezzette is Closed Again: Lezzette is not having a very good summer. In what could be a mirror image of an earlier post, the awesome doner/gyro spot near Penn has had their insurance shutter show up as down. No DoH signs or recent inspections, nothin'. Their last inspection was 7/23, allowing their reopening on 7/30. It's back to Troy for us should we be craving an F5 meat tornado in the meantime!

Lezzette Mediterranean is Finally Back Open!

Doner kebab fans, rejoice! After being hit by a DoH closure that has lasted for over a month, Lezzette (on 34th btw. 8+9th) has been finally cleared to re-open. Traffic from this awesome gyro and/or Mediterranean salad joint was decent, but clearly there are a few readers and commenters waiting for the word. The word is “gyros,” ladies and gents!  You’re all clear to return…

Lezzette, 369 West 34th (btw. 8th and 9th)

Lezzette My Doner Go!

The woe betiding the DoHing of Lezzette has lasted over a month (!?!?!) but is thankfully coming to an end soon. Walking by the other day, the insurance shutters were up and the door was open a crack. Sure, the paper is still on the windows, along with the Closed sign, but those are no barrier to food journalism. The guy inside said they’d be re-opening very soon. No re-inspection yet on the Department of Health’s search engine, but we’ll keep you posted!

Lezzette-Faire No More: Lezzette has been DoH’d!

One of the really good places to get doner kebab/gyros in Southwest Midtown has been closed! Lezzette, which did a bunch of different salads along with awesome doner, has been ordered closed all of a sudden. The big yellow sign of DoH shame is present, its closure dating 6/10, which corresponds to a very abysmal inspection grade of 93 points on that same date. Mostly thermal problems show up on the inspector’s report, but it apparently had some inappropriate temperatures to some food. Hopefully they fare a little better than repeat-closure offenders in the area and bounce back soon – I lost an opportunity to assuage my doner craving!

Lezzette Mediterranean Makes Darn Good Gyros and Salads

Gotta love gyros. Eternally mispronounced to the point of redoing the word itself (I’m 99.99% certain it’s meant to be pronounced like “heroes” and not as it seems) and shifting actual names depending on the region (gyros to Greece, doner kebab to the rest of the Mediterranean) there’s too many crappy ones out there. Lezzette Mediterranean Cucina, literally just around the corner from the biggest “shut up and take my money” location in Midtown Southwest, has been around for a few years and quietly served as a go-to point for the area. There’s a couple other standouts on West 34th St. that merit a look, but as far as I know, Lezzette stands alone for amazing fresh gyros and really, really worthwhile Mediterranean salad.
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Lezzette’s Home-made Gyro is Pretty Interesting


My quest to find a real gyro sandwich in Midtown never takes a vacation. So when I spotted this sign on 34th btw. 8+9th in the window of Lezzette, my curiosity was piqued. Sure, it’s out of the technical Midtown Lunch boundaries. And Lezzette looks more like a generic Midtown deli, than an authentic Greek restaurant. But whatever. “Homemade Gyro”! How could I not?

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