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At Troy Turkish Grill, The Gyro’s the Order

I’ve been talking up Troy Turkish Grill for a while now in comments on Profiled Lunchers and on the forums, but it’s been high time that it gets the proper ML treatment. Despite them being out of bounds (40th and 9th) I’ve ordered from them in the past, and I’ve been really impressed by their gyro in terms of flavor, quality, and quantity (even though it pains me that a Turkish restaurant doesn’t call a Turkish dish by its Turkish name – doner kebab, people!) Having been to some pretty awesome Middle Eastern restaurants from all over the Islamic world in South Paterson, NJ (not really worth the schlep from Manhattan but good stuff for us Garden Staters) there’s always been decent variations on doner kebab/gyro/etc. Some are crispier, some are juicier, some are forgettable. It’s been a while since my last order, though – does Troy hold its own or is it all Greek to us?

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