Satya Eastern Kitchen Updates Its Menu

Satya Eastern Kitchen, the Asian fast casual spot on 46th and 8th, has both raised some of its prices and introduced new items to the menu. The changes gave me an excuse not only to check out the new food — which includes spring rolls, dumplings and new kinds of fried rice and lo mein — but also stop back in to check out the sliders I didn’t get to last time I was at Satya.

Let’s start with the good stuff. I finally got to try the kimchi sliders that were sold out during my first visit. The sliders come with your choice of french fries or the crispy seaweed I liked so much last time, so this was a tasty meal. Unfortunately, the sliders have suffered from the price increase and are now $12.50.

Of the new items I tried, the beef fried rice ($8.95) was the best but pricey for what it is. Studded with corn, carrots and peas, the rice was average in appearance. The beef, which was tasty, was the best part. Worth shelling out nine bucks for? Probably not.

The chicken dumplings ($4.95) were on the mushy side. I probably wouldn’t give these a second shot.

The spring rolls ($3.95) weren’t great either.

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that Satya Eastern Kitchen is more of a tourist eatery than a Midtown Lunch destination. But, if you do find yourself eating there, your best bets are the sandwiches (I really liked the grilled chicken sandwich, and the price did not increase) or kimchi sliders. Or, we can just keep hoping for Shophouse and its glorious bowls to arrive in New York.

Satya Eastern Kitchen, 750 8th Ave (at 46th st)

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