Katz n Dogz is a Jewish Deli on Wheels


Thanks to a handful of our readers who have been discussing the latest offerings from the newer more expensive food trucks on a previous post, I discovered a brand new truck that debuted a few weeks ago under the radar. Despite the silly name, the Katz n Dogz truck has been hanging in Midtown serving pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, Hebrew National franks, salami, knishes, burgers (including one topped with pastrami), cole slaw, etc. Basically a lite version of what you’d expect to find at a classic Jewish deli.

I was amazed by the smells emerging from the truck. It had that unmistakable garlicky, briney smell of a real delicatessen. Could this be the truck we’ve all been waiting for?


After chatting with the owner, I discovered they have no relation to Katz’s, but instead are the ¬†same guys who own Adelman’s Deli in Gravesend, Brooklyn. I’ve actually been to the original deli and was quite impressed. Expecially since it’s an old Jewish deli that is now owned and operated by an Egyptian family. While the storefront is fully kosher, the truck is kosher-style, allowing for cheese and dairy on their meat sandwiches.

Case in point: the Reuben Orgasm. Not sure how this differs from a traditional reuben, but I restrained myself from ordering it since I didn’t have a change of pants. I went with what I usually order and that’s a corned beef/pastrami combo on rye with mustard. In my mind (and stomach), there’s no better combination.


Since I wanted to try both meats, the sandwich came out to $11. A tempting knish or fries would have pushed me well beyond the ML limit. But the sandwich was quite large (as expected with this kind of meal) and came with cole slaw and pickles. And I certainly was not hungry again before dinner.


The sandwich was pretty good. I have high expectations when it comes to these types of sandwiches and for the most part, it didn’t disappoint. The rye bread was phenomenal – soft and tender – and slathered with the perfect amount of mustard.


There was a nice layer of fat on both the pastrami and the corned beef. However, both meats were a little chewy – not exhibiting that buttery, melt-in-your-mouth experience that I crave. But the flavors were mostly right on. I thought the pastrami could have used more peppery spice and smokiness, but the deep salty garlicky notes of the corned beef were awesome.

Now that Stage Deli is gone and we’re mostly left with ultra-expensive and crowded Jewish delis in this area of Midtown, Katz n Dogz is a welcome addition to the food truck scene.

Their website is not up and running yet and while the truck promises a Twitter and Facebook page, I could not find either. They did tell me they plan to park on 52nd and Sixth Avenue every Monday and Friday and then spend the rest of the week in the Flatiron.


  • What’s a frankfruter?

  • They should probably expect a cease and desist soon.

    It’s too close to Katz’s name and they’re going to be capitalizing on dumb people assuming there is some relation.

    • Didn’t notice it before I posted this a minute ago, but they have on the side of their truck “Are you ready for a Reuben Orgasm”…which is such an iconic moment in food related NYC movie history.

      I also don’t like their liberal use of the letter “z” on their menu.

    • If one of the owners name is Katz, then they can use it. No one can stop you from using your own name, even if it does resemble a competing business (see Bookbinder’s in Philly).

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        I don’t know many Egyptian Katz’, so I’m going to guess that won’t be their claim here.

      • While Katz’s trademark is actually “Katz’s” with the apostrophe s…. I’d say using Katz to sell pastrami and corned beef is “confusingly similar” and would lead to a “likelihood of confusion.”

      • Katz’s Deli in Houston (Texas, not the street) is nearly an identical business to our beloved Katz’s with no trademark problems- because it was started by a man named Katz.

    • CheeeeEEEeeese: Not just “dumb” people. It’s not a stretch to think that maybe Katz’ Deli started up a truck and sells hot dogs too. And pigiron, you’re not quite right. There is no absolute right to use your own name as a trademark; Katz’ is a so-called “famous” mark, which can be an exception to that fictitious ‘rule.’ (For the record, I’m an IP attorney by day.) I expect a C&D to be forthcoming, and for the truck to change its name, one way or another.

      • When in doubt, dumb people is the answer.

      • I defer to you Steven, you’re the lawyer. I guess I was given misinformation about this. I retract my statements.

      • No prob. It’s a common misconception. “Fame” of a mark, geographical range, etc. can all be factors when determining trademark rights. Besides, it appears there is nobody named Katz associated with this cart. They could get away with ‘Dogz’ as suggesting hot dogs, but (esp. in NYC!) it’s pretty evident that the Katz part is just riding on the fame of a particular deli…..

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    I had their sandwich on Friday. I agree with the review above that the Pastrami needs some more spice, but I though the meats were very buttery.

    My only issue is that I can go to the Edison Cafe and get a similar cornbeef or better pastrami sandwich, which is bigger with a huge order of steak fries for $12.50, while this sandwich is $11.

    I really think the Edison Cafe meats are excellent. Maybe Midtown lunch should have a kosher-deli sandwich off.

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    They’re on 46th between 5th and 6th again today, so much for that Monday/Friday plan listed above. They were also in this spot on Thursday.

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    I do appreciate that they offer the vastly-superior-to-square round knishes.

  • Arggh, the high blood pressure caused by pastrami prohibits me from trying this! and the pickles might was well be green salt syringes

  • Sorry, but I think it’s an obvious attempt at making the consumer think they’re associated with Katz’s. Especially the “orgasm” connection. Prepare to get sued.

  • They may also get confused with this Boston animal massage service:


  • Hopefully we’ll see the SMP results before the site name changes to Midtown Litigation

    Commenters will of course remain asshats

  • Katz N Dogz also has a cart that was on 47th and vanderbilt today.

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