Sandwich Factory NYC Truck Hits the Streets

A new Kosher sandwich truck named Sandwich Factory NYC made its debut in Midtown this past Thursday on the southeast corner of 52nd and Lexington Avenue. Making “the freshest sandwiches on four wheels,” Sandwich Factory NYC offers shawarma, sandwich-factory steak, falafel pitas, burgers, schnitzel, chicken steak, and “baby chicken” sandwiches. The menu isn’t posted on the truck (you have to pick up a card from them) and the menu also doesn’t have prices listed, but I asked for a schnitzel sandwich which was $9 and a side of fries which was $2.50. More to come on that soon…

Early adopters, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Sandwich Factory NYC, Check FB or Twitter for Locations

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    I haven’t seen these guys on the streets yet but they are calling themselves kosher and were out on the most religious of jewish holidays ? How kosher are they? Not at all if going by kosher rules… I’ll update you on their sandwiches if any of my non-kosher friends decide to stop by and taste the food. Looks like more and more kosher trucks/carts popping up around the city.

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