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ML Forums: Street Meat Battle; New Cookies

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  • Red Hook Lobster Truck’s sandwich is waaay too small [Eating]
  • Beware of the imposter dosa cart [Eating]
  • Why won’t the Frying Dutchman truck come to Midtown!? Oh, right. [Eating]
  • Oceana lobster cart is now selling a new peanut butter/chocolate cookie [Eating]

Tomorrow is Last Day for Chubby Porky: If you thought today was the last day to score Cer Te's June sandwich of the month, and their DOH battle hasn't scared you away, fear not. Tomorrow (Friday) is actually the last day for Chubby Chinese Girl's Chubby Porky.  Looks like a good Fourth of July weekend send off lunch to me!

Storied Italian Espresso Roaster Filicori Zecchini Comes to Midtown

Newcoffeeplace 001
Yesterday my post-lunch walk back to the office took me down East 46th street where I discovered that midtown is getting it’s own branch of the storied Italian espresso roaster Filicori Zecchini. The shop is on the south side of 46th between Vanderbilt and Madison. They were still working out all the service kinks and weren’t open yet but said that they were hoping to officially open today. They’ll be serving espresso beverages, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinks. Regular hours will be from 7am until 7pm and they plan on offering wifi. Looking forward to giving their signature iced cappucino a try. (I can only assume it’s better than Tim Horton’s version.)  Early adopters let us know what you find in the comments.

Bento Boxes Are the Way to Go at Dainobu

Dainobu What I love about the area where my new job is, is how close I am to a lot of Japanese places. Maybe I can finally try out the vegetable soup from Menchanko Tei that Brownie raved about, or the Philly Lamb Steak sandwich from Sunrise Mart Ultraclay recently had. But what I REALLY wanted the other day for lunch was a cheap spider roll from Dainobu. Spider roll is one of my favorite rolls ever and I’m just few blocks away from it, so I had to go check it out.

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Food Trucks Are Still Parking in Midtown: The Twitter Tracker isn't nearly as empty as you would expect after yesterday's New York Times article... Crisp on Wheels will be on 54th btw. Park+Mad, Gorilla Cheese is on 55th and 6th, Wafels & Dinges is on 46th btw. 5+6th, Eddie's Pizza is on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd, Korilla is on 39th & 9th, and Bian Dang is on 53rd btw. Lex+3rd- although they're warning that this could be the last day. But now more than ever you should double check before heading out.

Midtown Has a Lot of Gutbombs

Fried Chicken Grilled Cheese
The Fried Chicken Grilled Cheese from Melt Shop (on Lex btw. 53+54th)

Eater compiled a list of New York’s Biggest, Baddest Gut Bomb Dishes and 5 out of the 15 are in Midtown. Taking home top honors were dishes from Melt Shop, The Counter, Lavo, Bierhaus, and a sick sounding meatloaf from the Stadium Grill at Bowlmor Lanes. Not all are in the ML price range, but sometimes you’ve got to pay extra to get gross.

Chipotle Raises Prices: If you already think Chipotle is expensive, you'll want to close your eyes for this one.  Gothamist is reporting that due to increase food costs the NYC locations have raised the price of almost everything by 50 cents.  Normally we'd tear these guys apart, but Zach proclaimed a truce back in January.

Contributor Stalking: (The “Ice Cream, Veal Brains and Deep Fried Kielbasa” Edition)

Your First Look at Potbelly Sandwich Shop: No word when Midtown will be getting its two Potbelly Sandwich locations (one in Midtown East and one in Rock Center), but the FiDi location of the Chicago chain opened yesterday and Andrea has your first look over on our Downtown section.

Previti Pizza’s Chicken Sandwich Kicks Ass

Previti Searching for a good sandwich on the site last week, I stumbled upon a bunch of posts about Previti Pizza (41st btw. Lex+Park). I in addition to a kick ass artichoke slice, and awesome calzones they make a crazy tasting roast beef sandwich.  But that still didn’t prepare me for the awesomeness of the sandwich I ended up getting the other day. The freakin thing weighed a ton (I got tired of carrying it after walking just few blocks) and I’m not ashamed to admit that  it completely kicked my ass (I only ate half of it and ate the rest for dinner).

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