Missed Connections: Were You Flirting On the Line At Tim Hortons Yesterday?


I was always hoping the “Connections” section of the Midtown Lunch forums would work this way… Ladies of Midtown Lunch, were any of you at the Tim Hortons on 50th & 7th Ave. yesterday morning?  There’s a guy who might be looking for you in the forums:

I was in Tim Horton’s this morning —the 50th and 7th location — and was surprised by the very long line. Fortunately, I met a really cool girl in line and we had a laugh about how we were both “office designees” picking up donuts and other items for our colleagues. Stupidly, I did not ask for her number, so if she’s reading this…may I have another chance?

Oh, and speaking of Tim Hortons, I finally got my iced cappuccino yesterday afternoon!


$3.50 for a pretty large medium, the service at the 50th Street and 7th Ave. location is still pretty horrendous… but it was worth the wait. Just as good as I remember from Montreal. A warning though: it’s a machine made, super sweet, icy drink. Much more like a watery frappe, than a respectable coffee drink. The good thing is, it’s already made so once you order it only takes a few seconds for them to get it for you (and they can’t screw up the milk/sugar/coffee ratio.) It’s already a perfectly concocted cup of liquid crack. (Sweet sweet crack.)

As predicted, the food at Tim Horton’s leaves a little to be desired, and it sounds like all the locations are still having service issues (which is understandable considering that all their employees worked at Dunkin Donuts as of last Friday.) Lunch’er “Sir-eats-a-lot” had this to say:

Checked out the Tim Horton’s on 42nd and Madison. The lady who took my order wasn’t aware that the combo meal involved a side order, despite the large sign behind her indicating as much. The iced coffee (special request, paid extra for it) was spot on. Sandwiches were nothing special, the donuts are clearly why you go here. I had a good but diabetically-sweet cruller, though my friend ordered a boston cream which lost its icing in the bag… AND HAD NO CREAM IN IT. Opening jitters being what they are, we let it slide.

Back to more important issues… can Midtown Lunch help this guy get a date!


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