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Free Timmy Ho’s Alert: Tim Horton's will be giving away cups good for a free coffee or baked good today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) outside Penn Station (on 34th and 7th) and outside Grand Central (on 42nd and Vanderbilt.)  The giveaways will happen twice a day, from 7:30-9am and then again from 4pm to 5:30pm.  Freeloaders engage...

Free Tim Horton’s Alert: To welcome commuters back from the long Labor Day Weekend, Tim Hortons will be giving away 7000 $5 gift cards on 34th & 7th (outside the Penn Station LIRR entrance), and on 42nd and Vanderbilt (outside Grand Central Station.)  It all goes down Tuesday morning from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. (or until they run out).

Free Blueberry Doughnut (& Pastry) Alert: You have until 10:30 am to score a free pastry from Starbucks with the printout that Blondie and Brownie link to here.  Or you can head over to Tim Hortons for a free blueberry doughnut (until 10am.)  Or you can do both!

At Lunch Now: Just had my fourth Tim Hortons iced cappuccino in six days. This could be a problem.

Missed Connections: Were You Flirting On the Line At Tim Hortons Yesterday?

Tim Hortons Day 2: Timbits vs. Munchkins; Timmy Ho’s Lingo; Iced Cappuccino FAIL


If you’re not sick of the whole Tim Horton’s thing yet, read on! (If you are than clearly you haven’t tried their iced cappuccino, which I probably should have explained is more like a frappe or icy milkshake than a straight up coffee drink.)  Unscientific polls were conducted all over Midtown yesterday, pitting timbits (Tim Hortons’ version of the doughnut hole) against Dunkin Donuts’ munchkins- and the results were mixed.  The New York Daily News scored it 5 to 4 in favor of Tim Hortons, while TONY’s feed blog had it 11 to 5 (!) in favor of the almighty munchkin.  Gothamist decided against polling, and just declared the timbit the winner.

So that solves the “timbit” mystery, but what’s all this about “double double”?

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Tim Hortons Day Update: Dunkin Donuts Not Going Down Without a Fight

After the news broke that Tim Hortons was invading New York City by taking over 13 Riese owned Dunkin Donuts locations, blogs and newspapers exclaimed DOUGHNUT WARS!  Personally, I couldn’t care less about the doughnuts or free coffee from Tim Hortons.  I just want an ice cappucino! But whatever your morning poison is, there can be no question it’s a war. via the ML comments: “The scene at 50th and 7th this morning, where there is a recently converted Tim Horton’s on the NE side: Tim Horton’s guy giving out free coffee coupon on the NW corner. Dunkin Donuts girl giving out $1 off coupon on the NE corner. Question is, are there still any Dunkin Donuts in midtown?”  A second comment answers that question in the affirmative…

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Free Tim Hortons Update: Getting conflicting info about the Monday morning free coffee giveaway from Tim Hortons, the Canadian chain replacing all Riese owned Dunkin Donuts locations on Monday morning.  According to their newly created Twitter account, free coffee will be given out at all locations, all day long (starting at 6am).  This conflicts with the original giveaway info, so as soon as I get the full confirmation I'll post it here. UPDATE: The official press release confirms the original info- free coffee, only at the Penn Station location, from 6-9am.

Free Tim Hortons Alert: Monday morning, Tim Hortons will celebrate their arrival in New York City by giving away free coffee at their Penn Station location (in the LIRR concourse) from 6am to 9am.

BLOCKBUSTER: Tim Hortons Set to Invade New York City

Ice Crack in a cup

Although recently they’ve been really good about it, I’ve given the Riese Company a lot of crap over the years for not participating in various free food promotions at some of their Midtown franchises.  Well after reading this news on the NRN Website I’m here to say I TAKE IT ALL BACK:

The Riese Organization, a longtime multi-concept franchisee in New York City, is converting all 13 of its Dunkin’ Donuts stores to the Tim Hortons brand… Riese said he plans to close the Dunkin’ locations on Friday and reopen the stores July 13 under the Tim Hortons banner.

According to a different article on NRN, Tim Hortons also has cut a deal to co-brand three Manhattan locations of Cold Stone Creamery with Tim Hortons (including the Times Square location on 42nd btw. 7+8th), which will hopefully clear the way for items like  “muffin ‘bowls’ (i.e., with the tops removed) to serve ice cream in, ice cream-based coffee drinks or donut piece mix-ins for the ice cream as potential exclusive menu items at the co-branded locations.” My lord.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim Hortons, it is basically the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts started by a famous hockey player named Tim Horton (natch). I’ve only had it once (on a road trip to Montreal) and I can’t speak for their doughnuts- but based on their iced cappuccino alone I am pretty excited to welcome Tim Hortons to Midtown with open arms! It is like ice cold crack in a cup, and I will probably drink one every day between now and the end of the summer.

As for why Riese is no longer in business with DD, the original article goes on to note that Dunkin Donuts claims to have terminated their contract due to “violated health and safety regulations”. (Not a surpise to anybody who has walked into a Tad’s Steak.) I don’t care either way… I will take a dirty Tim Hortons over no Tim Hortons any day of the week. As long as they don’t screw up those iced cappuccinos.

A list of all Riese owned Dunkin Donuts locations (which will presumably become Tim Hortons locations on Monday) is after the jump.

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